Embassy Cultural House Presents Pandemic Gardens: Resilience Through Nature

Carole Condé and Karl Beveridge, Carole’s Garden, digital photograph, 2021

Pandemic Gardens: Resilience Through Nature

Now Online! From February 5th, 2022

Pandemic Gardens: Resilience Through Nature is the first online Embassy Cultural House exhibition of 2022. An international group exhibition organized by Ron Benner and Rachel MacGillivray, with the assistance of JoAnna Weil, Jamelie Hassan, and Olivia Mossuto. This dynamic exhibition of images and texts by the contributors highlights over 40 works by artists, gardeners, and nature enthusiasts and explores artworks, coping mechanisms, community engagements and the resilience of the human spirit during the pandemic. Pandemic Gardens presents the diverse ways in which people have engaged with gardens and nature during this historic pandemic. In many ways, it is an ode to the complex relationships and connections that have developed through a state of lockdown and isolation.

Larry Towell, Red dress memorial for Murdered and Missing Indigenous Women on clear cutting. Granite Ridge Road, Fairy Creek, British Columbia, 2021, digital photograph

Contributors to Pandemic Gardens include: Jessie Amery, Ron Benner, Anthea Black, Carole Condé / ​Karl Beveridge, Stephen Cruise, Patricia Deadman, Holly English, Marnie Fleming, Mireya Folch-Serra, Richelle Forsey, Fatima Garzan, Rebecca Gimmi, Jamelie Hassan, Fern Helfand, Lisa Hirmer, SF Ho, Martyn Judson, Iraboty Kazi, Christina Kingsbury, Yam Lau, Michelle Corrine Liu, Miriam Love, Martha MacGillivray, Rachel Anne MacGillivray, Josh Mazza, Ashar Mobeen, Catherine Morrisey, Olivia Mossuto, Kim Neudorf, Justine Richardson, Jennifer Rudder, Judith Rodger, Jayce Salloum, Roland Schubert, Sandra Semchuk, Geordie Shepherd, Gabriella Solti, Vera Tamari, Jeff Thomas, Larry Towell, Dot Tuer / Alberto Gomez, Zainub Verjee, Catherine Villar, JoAnna Weil, Stephanie White, Ryan Whyte, Jade Williamson, Winsom Winsom and BH Yael.

Olivia Mossuto, As the Crow Flies, digital photographs of Ron Benner’s photographic/ garden installation at Museum London, 2021

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