Dominique Prévost & Andres Vosu: Circling Back

Andres Vosu, Sun Emits Red Aura, Oil Pastel on Washi Paper, 15″ x 15″

Circling Back
Dominique Prévost & Andres Vosu

December 1 – 15, 2023
Opening Reception: December 1, 2023, 6pm – 8pm
Station Independent Projects, Toronto

Station Independent Projects is thrilled to present the work of Canadian artists Dominique Prévost and Andres Vosu. Prévost and Vosu explore the circle motif in their mixed media works. Circles in art have been utilized since Greek antiquity and the Renaissance as a symbol of unity, infinity versus containment, regeneration, birth and life and to symbolize geometry and our vast solar system.

The circle is utilitarian as well as an attractive symbolic form for Vosu and its visible or invisible circumference, has become a much more preferred container, than the rectangle or the square. Its form is the creative impulse that inspires Vosu and his process stays true to keeping image content within the circle’s circumference. Whether depicting the geometric acrobatics of circles within this form or within solitary orbs, Vosu’s process is unique to each specific work and he incorporates a number of media including paint, graphite, mylar, washi paper and wood panels.

Dominique Prévost, BLUES, Encaustic on washi paper on gessoed wood cradle, UV archival varnished, 5″ x 5″ x 1-5/8″

Prévost creates assemblages that showcase changing light, organic patterns and stylized structures and the circle is a recurring compositional motif in her works. Each of her artwork is composed of multiple painted and manipulated surfaces that evoke the perception of depth and space. Prévost uses a wide range of medias ranging from washi and watercolour paper, acrylic, ink, watercolor and found materials. Her Circle Series is about joy, expansion, exuberance and life itself. She explores both the micro and macro that can be found in veins, rivers, trees and skies and as a universal symbol that makes visible the connections of what’s above and below and that connects us all.

Artists Bios

Dominique Prévost was born in Québec City and now resides in Oakville, Ontario. She has shown extensively in the GTA since the early 80’s and her work can be found in many collections here and abroad. Three times recipient for Best Watercolour Award at the Toronto Outdoor Art Exhibition, she is a Board Member of the Burlington Fine Arts Association, a Member of the Ontario Society of Artists and a Member of Propeller Art Gallery.

Andres Vosu was born in Montreal, Quebec. Vosu has shown at Propeller Gallery, The Toronto School of Art Gallery and at Concordia University. Vosu was awarded a 1984 Minister of State, Multiculturalism Grant for research and pre-production of documentary film, Faces of the City. He studied at the Toronto School of Art, Concordia University and Carlton University and is a member of Propeller Art Gallery.

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