Debaser presents Pique – Winter Edition 2021


Pique – Winter Edition 2021
Music & Multimedia Arts Event Series

The winter edition of Pique, a new forward-thinking artist-driven music and multimedia arts event series produced by Debaser, offers live performances, in-person and online screenings, movement, installations and performance art.

The multi-level building-wide arts event and digital program takes place December 4th, 2021 in-person in and around the Arts Court and Ottawa Art Gallery.

Pique’s third edition will feature live music performances and DJ sets, sound art installations, an in-person and online screening program of audio-visual works curated by cross-country co-presenters, performance art and original movement. Pique is all ages, and entry is pay-what-you-can.


Korea Town Acid

Pique is experimental in form and content. Its third edition features:

Immersive sonic and visual live experience with Jerusalem in my Heart; a forging of modern experimental Arabic music wed to hand-made visuals using analog 16mm film.

Live collaborative performance by experimental Egyptian vocalist, producer and sound artist Nadah El Shazly and visual artist/animator Pansee Atta (curated by Amin Alsaden)

Live modular synth performance by Tkarón:to-via-Seoul based producer and DJ Korea Town Acid, with visuals by local psychedelic analog artist Hard Science.

Light and projection installation ‘Bathed in that twilight gold’ and performance by Nigerian-Canadian visual artist Kosisochukwu Nnebe (Curated by Amin Alsaden).


Jude Abu Zaineh

Jude Abu Zaineh explores the soft power of food for diasporic communities with a precarious connection to ancestral homelands with Ingesting home. Comprising a performance, screening, and dinner gathering hosted by the artist, Ingesting Home convenes guests around Palestinian food, poetry, and folk stories. (Curated by Amin Alsaden)

‘dahan, dahan’ – a meditative sound installation created by discs of ice melting onto amplified metal sculptures by multimedia artist April Aliermo (PHÉDRE) with responsive projections by Kat Estacio (Pantayo) and sculptures by Kristina Guison.

Live performance by Tkarón:to-based pianist, composer, and singer Morgan-Paige, whose work blends contemporary, lo-fi genres with western-romanticism musical nuances, spoken word, vocals and projected visuals.

Live improvised set by experimental electronic musician Liliane Chlela.

Live ambient electronic drone performance by Kat Estacio (Pantayo).

Movement by contemporary dancer and surreal ‘mad artist’ amelia rose griffin in collaboration with Ottawa Dance Directive (ODD).

Guest curation by Amin Alsaden, a curator, scholar, and educator whose work envisions novel spatial responses to questions of displacement, exile, and belonging, and whose research explores modern and contemporary art and architecture in the Global South.


April Aliermo

Pique is produced by Debaser, Ottawa’s leading independent and underground music presenter.

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