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Colin Miner, Untitled (The clearest image), 2023

The clearest image
Colin Miner

Exhibition Dates: April 11 – May 27, 2023
Opening Reception: April 15, 1:00 – 3:00PM

In The clearest image, Colin Miner enlists the feral hog to give thought to notions of migration, refuge and patterns of disturbance—geospatial, historical and ideological. Uprooted beings uprooting the ground under their feet, the hogs hint at states of unfixedness, a perpetual questioning, a deep historical (colonial) malaise. How to inhabit Earth, and occupy space without living from conquest and expropriation? What should be done to this post-imperial, post-industrial landscape, if we must inhabit it?1 Referencing the animal’s ceaseless rooting behaviour, an innate source of self-soothing and a way to scrounge for subsistence, Miner points to methods for apprehending the anxious future promised by the current systems and powers in place. Comprising both photographic and moving images, sculptural armatures, bright neon afterimages and interventions onto the walls of the gallery, Miner’s works coalesce into an arrangement where transient narratives are slowly revealed to the unsettled, vigilant viewer. Here, we too are bodies attuned to unpredictability.

– Excerpt from The buried image, an essay by writer and independent curator Laura Demers.

Presented in partnership with the Scotiabank CONTACT Photography Festival.

The fugitive and cyclical are ongoing departure points for Colin Miner, whose practice takes form through arrangements of objects and images. Notable exhibitions include The Contemporary Art Gallery, Vancouver; 2nd Kamias Triennial, The Philippines; Beijing Center of Art, China. Responsive projects have developed from research into non-human subjectivity at the Banff Centre for the Arts, Treaty 7 Territory; Tambopata National Reserve, Peru; Sloth Island, Guyana; and La Datcha, Berlin. They co-edit and facilitate the experimental project space Moire’s Catwalk. Studies on the ontological anxiety of photography lead to a PhD at Western University.

Jocelyn Reynolds, all that is remembered and all that is forgotten, 2023

Jocelyn Reynolds

Exhibition Dates: April 11 – May 27, 2023
Opening Reception: April 15, 1:00 – 3:00PM

Originating during Jocelyn Reynolds’ tenure as Artist-in-Residence at Gallery 44, Continuum demonstrates the artist’s enduring curiosity toward memory and the perception of time. Explorations into reinterpreting temporality emphasize the intractable reality of change, without which time would be imperceptible. Drawing from Reynolds’ personal experience of transitioning into motherhood as a genderfluid person, the works exhibited mirror the cycles of creation, destruction and (re)birth—embracing time as an illusory, flexible, fractal phenomenon, manifestly queer in itself.

Jocelyn Reynolds creates visual records of the overlooked. Interested in the way documentation confers importance on a subject, what & how we see is the motivating force of her practice. Jocelyn offers moments of stillness and connection as active resistance to the noise of our restless world. Her work is an ongoing exploration of externalizing the internal and looking into the unseen realm.

Steven Beckly, Sun-Kissed, inkjet print on tissue paper and gold pins, 2020

CONTACT Workshops at Gallery 44

Gallery 44 workshops provide unique opportunities for artists in all stages of their careers to learn, create, connect and be inspired. Sign up for weekday or weekend workshops, taught by practicing artists with in-depth knowledge of the subjects they are teaching. Learn in small-group settings with others who share your love and passion for photography! This upcoming workshop season is part of CONTACT Photography Festival’s Public Programs and is developed to complement their Core Program.

Spaces are limited, for more information or to register visit:

Artist Residencies 101
Holly Chang
Online Workshop – April 26, 6:00PM
An overview of different types of residencies, resources for photo-specific opportunities, tools for a successful application and securing funding.

B&W Darkroom Basics: Processing and Printing
Ruth Kaplan
In-Person Workshop – May 6, 11:00AM
This workshop will guide participants from the fundamentals of processing film to black and white printing.

Poetic Activism: Alternative Approaches to Landscape Photography
Ella Morton
In-Person Workshop – May 13, 11:00AM
In the darkroom, participants will experiment with photograms, solarization, selective development and chemigrams.

Film Freeform: Polaroid Emulsion Lift
Phillip Chin
In-Person Workshop – May 20, 11:00AM
Learn how to make unique artworks by transferring the photographic emulsion onto various materials.

Experimental Photographic Printing
Steven Beckly
In-Person Workshop – May 24, 6:00PM
This workshop will provide an overview of the process involved in creating prints on tissue, foil, cellophane and handmade paper.

Facelift: Cut and Fold Techniques for Portraits
Jessica Thalmann
In-Person Workshop – May 27, 12:00PM
This workshop explores the boundaries between photography, collage and sculpture.

Cyanotypes: Alternative Processes
Sally Ayre
In-Person Workshop – June 3, 12:00PM
Learn how to create cyanotype prints with deeper tonal range using the modern printing processes.

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