Connor MacKinnon and Kosar Movahedi at the Alternator

Connor MacKinnon, CGish, installation mockup, 2023. Image courtesy of the artist.

The Alternator Centre for Contemporary Art is pleased to present two exciting conceptual exhibitions: CGish by Connor MacKinnon, and Folly by Kosar Movahedi, on view from May 10 through June 22, 2024.

Connor MacKinnon’s artistic practice is one of imagination, potential, and questioning. Examining the unique qualities in objects as specific markers of material culture, his work explores the physical and conceptual reconstruction of objects. Using generative algorithmic 3D modeling and computer-aided manufacturing his curiosity exists at the lines, points, and planes in which a reconstruction of an object’s qualities no longer recreates and instead constructs a new thing with new relationships to utility, aesthetics, ubiquity, and recognition.

Through the creation of object-based sculptures, MacKinnon’s goal is to create variability within a defined system which both respects our sense of familiarity with an object and disrupts many of the assumed and expected attributes associated with how that object is perceived. While much of his work is driven conceptually and designed digitally, balance and personal satisfaction are maintained through a tangible making practice which strives to create a sense of harmony between learning, experimentation, intellectual gratification, aesthetic pleasure, and craftsmanship. In CGish, MacKinnon fills the Alternator’s Main Gallery an array of these curious sculptures.

Kosar Movahedi, Folly, 2023. Image courtesy of the artist.

In the Alternator’s Project Gallery, is Victoria-based artist Kosar Movahedi’s Folly.

Galleries are purpose-built spaces, and like most contemporary art spaces, they intend to be invisible. For this reason, all the architectural fixtures such as power outlets, vents, and lights are pushed up or down and outside of our sightline. In this exhibition, Movahedi decided not to add much visual information to this blank horizon and instead highlight its void surface. The resulting work presents itself as documentation of the process of rethinking the space through printed photographs.

The project’s title, Folly, uses this word in two meanings: Its common definition of foolishness, as well as referring to ornamental buildings that serve no practical purpose other than enhancing the landscape of a garden or estate. This project similarly puts on a gimmick that pokes fun at the indexical notion of photography.

Both CGish and Folly will be on view at the Alternator Centre for Contemporary Art from May 10 to June 22, 2024.

About the Artists

Connor MacKinnon is a Canadian visual artist living and creating in Kelowna, BC. Alongside his artistic practice, he is employed as a workshop technician at the University of British Columbia Okanagan Campus in the department of Creative Studies specializing in digital fabrication and metal based sculpture.

Kosar Movahedi is a mixed-media artist exploring photography, video, sculpture and drawing. In addition to teaching art, Movahedi works as program coordinator at the Victoria Arts Council. She holds an MFA from the University of Victoria and a BSc in Architecture from University of Tehran.

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