February 1 to May 8, 2022
Canadian Clay & Glass Gallery

The Canadian Clay & Glass Gallery is thrilled to announce the opening of CONFINED, a major, national exhibition exploring artist responses to the impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic. CONFINED is an incredibly timely exhibition, particularly in the aftermath of yet another shutdown, each of which has had a tremendous impact on artists and cultural workers. This exhibition is a unique opportunity to explore both the trauma and creativity spurred by the pandemic through the visions of 31 artists from across Canada. Along with Erosion as a Process: Hannan Fayad, and Disruption, both also on display, these exhibitions engage directly with some of the most critical issues facing us today.

CONFINED, installation. 2022. Photo by the Canadian Clay & Glass Gallery.


In March 2020, COVID-19 brought all of us to a standstill. In an instant, our lives changed dramatically in ways that we never expected as we coped with the isolation and confinement of a pandemic that swept around the world. As a result, many artists were barred from their studios—communal spaces of shared experience and creation. This situation encouraged some makers to explore new techniques, ideas, and modes of connecting, while others struggled with restricted access and isolation. Revealing the social, economic, and mental health issues that many of us face in new and more striking ways, COVID-19 also provided an opportunity to reflect, conceptualize, and create.

CONFINED brings together pieces from 31 artists from across Canada working in ceramics, glass, and copper enamelling. Through their diverse and intriguing works, these artists share the difficulties, trauma, and inventive creativity they experienced during the COVID-19 restrictions. As the pandemic slowly fades from our daily lives, CONFINED shows us the varied experiences of artists while reminding us of the societal cracks that were revealed and deepened by the pandemic and the potential for creation and innovation in the face of adversity.

This exhibition is generously supported by The Musagetes Fund, held at Kitchener Waterloo Community Foundation.

Featured Artists: Claire Anderson, Dick Averns, Jacinthe Baribeau, Laura Becker, Marie-Andrée Côté, Laurent Craste, Jerre Davidson, Karine Giboulo, Amy Gogarty, Jennifer Anne Kelly, Jordan MacLachlan, Alexandra McCurdy, Laura McKibbon, Natalie Nadeau & Crissy Jarvis, Maja Padrov, Janet Panabaker, Gilles Payette, Carole Pilon, Peter Powning, Leslie Putnam, Julia Reimer, Jessica Sallay-Carrington, Marko Savard, Jason Schiedel, Lo Scott, Yvonne Singer, Jan Smith, Alain-Marie Tremblay, Eekta Trienekens, Layne Verbeek, and George Whitney.

Disruption, installation. 2022. Photo by the Canadian Clay & Glass Gallery.

Natalia Arbelaez, Magdolene Dykstra, Habiba El Sayed, & Heidi McKenzie

Disruption investigates how four women of colour use their practices to disrupt a predominantly white, male, Eurocentric art narrative. This exhibition is part of the larger project to deconstruct society’s racist and sexist structural underpinnings with the aim of building a new foundation of multiplicity. Natalia Arbelaez, Magdolene Dykstra, Habiba El-Sayed, and Heidi McKenzie work to fashion a more egalitarian canon through artistic practices that delve into diverse histories. Arbelaez and McKenzie draw our attention to narratives that have long been overlooked. El Sayed and Dykstra use abstraction to subvert the spectator’s gaze, while simultaneously insisting upon their visibility.

Magdolene Dykstra and Heidi McKenzie would like to acknowledge the support of the Canada Council for the Arts and the Ontario Arts Council.

Erosion as a Process: Hannan Fayad, installation. 2022. Photo by the Canadian Clay & Glass Gallery.

Erosion as a Process: Hannan Fayad

Through the forces of erosion that slowly alter our landscapes glass artist Hannan Fayad sees both the power of the natural environment and the role that humans play in our changing climate. Wind, sand, and water wear away and break the earth with impressive force that reveals striking patterns over time. Using a sandblaster as a carving tool, Fayad mimics these eroding forces on her own glass forms. In a range of colours and shapes, the once strong glass pieces become delicate frames of their former selves. The structure of the form remains, but the etched holes evoke the erosion patterns that inspire Fayad. They invite close inspection, and a desire to explore the strands of glass that hold together their airy forms. At the same time, however, the delicacy of these forms elicits caution—both of the human impact that speeds climate change and of the fragility of the natural environment’s balance that can be shattered so quickly.

This exhibition is presented as part of the Emerging Talent Series and is generously supported by The Musagetes Fund held at Kitchener Waterloo Community Foundation and The C3 Group of Companies.

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