Coming Soon – 3rd Annual Forms, Faces & Spaces, figuratively speaking!

MaryLou Hurley, Delphine

A peek behind the screen puts the spotlight on exhibitors

May 1 – 31, 2024
Hanging concurrently at three venues in the Caledon and Halton Hills

The 3rd annual FORMS, FACES & SPACES, figuratively speaking! is the featured, month-long exhibit of the inaugural Festival of ARTFUL Communities. Ten music performances and twenty-five activities and events taking place at three galleries and other area venues will ensure visitors come back multiple times to view the pieces from 60 exhibitors from across Canada.

As registered satellite sites of the 28th CONTACT Festival, permission was asked and given in 2022 to hang photography with other fine art. The eclectic mix of media enriches the voices of the photographers and other artists as they explored the universal theme of the human condition: “Who am I?, What is the meaning of life? How is meaning found amidst chaos and injustices?” The diversity of their lived experiences is rich while the threads of unity woven from commonalities continues to yield strong, poignant, and iconic images to hang.

Monique Campbell, Havana Greeter

Participating Artists

Sixty artists from across Canada have had 80 pieces of work juried into the 3rd annual show. Enjoy learning about some of them here, then be sure to come out to the opening receptions at each of the three galleries to meet the artists in person!

About the Artists

Greeting people at the Melville White Church gallery will be one of mixed media artist, MaryLou Hurley’s signature pieces – Delphine, an exquisite piece with such an air of whimsy and insouciance about her, that you just can’t imagine having a great party without her! Her creator comments that … “I find the diversity of mixed media so rewarding and inspirational. And using a mannequin as substrate is not only fun; it gives the viewer a unique human perspective.” MaryLou’s studio in Caledon makes for an interesting visit – one where you might find yourself wanting to come back and take lessons in the intriguing artform of mosaic and all that can glitter.

Some of the other artists and featured photographers you will meet at this year’s show include acclaimed photographer Monique Campbell from Hamilton. She will present “Faces on the Street” at the opening reception Sunday, May 5 in the STUDIO for the exhibit in the Upper Sisnett Lobby. From her website, “A compelling photo in her eyes is one that lingers in the minds of viewers because of its emotive quality and light expressed. As such, the Hamilton photographer’s chosen genre of art is humanist street photography. Her soulful images reflect a personal story and allows others to identify with their own narratives. Ideally, she hopes to encourage people to be more empathetic and compassionate with one another while realizing that everyone has a story they may not have heard.”

Another southern Ontario photographer, Jeffrey J. Nagy of Orangeville, shows a tender heart with his poignantly titled portrait of Katie, Looking Sad. “Katie is a mule (and) mules are usually infertile … someone bred Katie and took her baby to sell.” Some of his thoughts on what his photography means are, “… they are a second of history, a moment captured that invokes thoughts and feelings. The photos can be big and sweeping, or, detailed and fine.” His slogan is “you see what I saw.” He was president for five years of the Headwaters Camera Club.

Stephanie Schirm, Tiny Bubbles

Self-described as “Inspired by the variability and curvaceousness of the human form—and equipped with a fearlessly vivid palette …,” Stephanie Schirm is an accomplished fine artist, apparel designer, and fashion illustrator. From Georgetown, she resides in the area and has her studio in the Williams Mill Creative Arts Studios enclave in Glen Williams.

James Pieters is one of the more mature emerging artists who first showed his work in the 2023 annual FORMS, FACES & SPACES, figuratively speaking! show. He found his muse during the pandemic and is getting his work out in front of people more frequently. He comments about his piece, Undefeeted, that the “Images were created by painting my hands and feet and printing it to canvas. This colorful piece is a reminder of how we have the power to overcome, break through and live life to the fullest.” You can follow him on IG at

Deborah McLachlan, an artist from Georgetown, comments about her piece, Beneath The Surface, that “Things aren’t always as they appear to be, sometimes we must look deeper. On a warm sunny beach day I was able to capture the reflected sunlight on the surface of the water but also, as the sun penetrated the surface it revealed the hard ripples of golden sand beneath.” Self-taught, she works with a variety of media, dry-brush watercolor, and pastel, plus doing large-scale outdoor painted Barn Quilts for buildings. “I describe my work as unfolding. My deep sense of connection with nature and God’s creatures, especially the horse, is reflected in my work. I have been painting for almost 30 years.”

3rd annual show and festival collage, supplied

About the Organizers

Studio By Design is the registered business of ecmunson, passionate about photography, and Judy Daley and Paul Llew-Williams from the Ad Hoc Advisory Group.

Belfountain Heritage Society is the Co-Host of the festival. They manage the Melville White Church, hub of the festival and one of the three galleries.

Visual Arts Brampton is endorsing arts organization of the annual exhibit. Their motto, Encouraging Creativity, has made them a respected and acclaimed leader in their community.

Pond Gallery, Alton Mill Arts Centre
1402 Queen Street West, Alton L7K 0C4
Opening Reception: May 4, 1:30 – 4:00 pm

Upper Sisnett Lobby
9 Church Street, Georgetown L7G 2A3
Opening Reception: May 5, 1:00 – 5:00 pm

Melville White Church
15962 Mississauga Road, Terra Cotta L7C 1W9
Opening Reception: May 20, 12:00 – 5:00 pm

Studio By Design
Brampton, ON

Website | Facebook | Instagram

Image Descriptions:
1. Colour photo a mosaic sculpture: upper torso of a mannequin
2. Black & white photo of an elderly woman behind a decorative ironwork gate
3. Colour photo of an abstract painting with an expressionist reclining female figure
4. Colour photo collage of logos and photos for festival and exhibition