CMS Art Projects Winter 2021-22 Exhibitions

Dazzle Pods : Zeugmas
new work by Catherine Heard with accompanying poems by Gregory Betts

December 5, 2021 – January 7, 2022


The Dazzle Pod multiple wall sculptures are made with a unique process Catherine Heard developed to laser engrave Japanese paper that has been laminated into a board using layers of different coloured acrylic gouache paints. As the power level of the laser varies, different colours are revealed. The wall sculptures are finished with holographic spray varnish, which adds a subtle sparkle to their surface. The backs are coated with copper leaf, then signed and dated by the artist.

In addition, Catherine Heard along with poet Gregory Betts have collaborated on a book celebrating the Dazzle Pods in all their forms. To see and learn more about the Dazzle Pods, and purchase the Dazzle Pod book or the Dazzle Pod Zeugmas multiples please go to



January 8, 2022 – January 25, 2022


Yael Brotman, ‘round midnight #1, 2021 etching, watercolour, stencil on Kurotani paper

CMS Art Projects is pleased to announce their first on-line exhibition of 2022, Here, Now – featuring works by gallery artists. Yael Brotman, Laine Groeneweg, Catherine Heard, Jenn Law, Anne-Marie Cosgrove, Anne O’Callaghan, Libby Hague, Adrienne Trent, Penelope Stewart, Liz Parkinson and Nicole Collins

Each artist recognizes and acknowledges the urgency of the moment we are in and that they have a place in it all. Organizing and reorganizing visual knowledge in different ways, these artists are united in their explorations of ideas, concepts, and an interest in the physicality of the materials they work in.


Afternoon in a Candy Store
Six new hand drawn works on paper by Anne-Marie Cosgrove

January 26, 2022 – February 22, 2022


Anne-Marie Cosgrove, Speedway, excerpt from Afternoon in a Candy Store, 2022, hand painted digital media printed on Canson Infinity Rag Photographique 310

Anne-Marie Cosgrove began experimenting with digital format in the fall of 2021. These new, large scale drawings developed from an exploration of the digital medium. As a result of working directly with her fingers, these new works embody an unfinishedness that is noted foremost in the edges of the works and in the multi-layered lines that drop off into the unfinished borders. CMS Art Projects is thrilled to release Cosgrove’s first digital drawing series, Afternoon in a Candy Store, in collaboration with the artist and Smokestack Studios in Hamilton, Ontario.

Deeply influenced by the visceral and corporeal qualities of painting, Cosgrove says Afternoon in a Candy Store “was born from the need to paint more directly within the constraints of the pandemic. Drawing with my fingers would have an impact on the look and characteristics of the lines and perhaps undermine and comment on the polished look of digital media culture. Compared to drawing on Arches paper with its rough surface and physical resistance, there is almost no resistance to my finger on the glass. I decided on the title Afternoon in a Candy Store to refer as much to the buttery lines of digital drawing as to the privilege of working as an artist during the crisis of a global pandemic.”


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