CMS Art Projects Spring 2023

Adrienne Trent, Lietmotif, Thread #1, AI installation, 2023


Leitmotif: Adrienne Trent

March 29 – April 25, 2023

Adrienne Trent presents her new body of work “Leitmotif”, created through programming 10 of her past art installations into an Artificial Intelligence bot (via Midjourney/Discord).

“In my career as an artist, I have always endeavoured to maintain a ‘common thread’, or theme, which runs through my work, linking past and present installations”.

In each finished image in Leitmotif, she has incorporated two or three images of her own past gallery installations, accompanied by key words taken from her own statements about each past exhibition. The resulting images are indeed highly changeable, virtual fabrications, but are reproduced via a 3D printer.

AI, or Artificial Intelligence has come under some scrutiny due to it’s ability to completely bypass copyright laws, it is often employed by “borrowing” existing imagery from the web or other sources. In this instance though, as the artist is deriving 100% of her imagery from her own work, it becomes a purely artist vs. bot exercise, resulting in some compelling results.

Artificial intelligence according to cultural data scientist Vishal Kumar is when “computational tools start to possess cognitive abilities,” or to put it simply, AI is when technology can copy or perform tasks that only humans could previously do. Those who conceive of artificial intelligence as the prescient Hal from Kubrick’s 2001: A Space Odyssey might be surprised to find everyday staples such as Apple’s Siri, Amazon’s Alexa, and even Spotify’s music recommendations listed among everyday AI technology. AI pervades our modern world in many ways, but the concept of anthropomorphic entities capable of performing human tasks has existed long before today’s era of digital assistants. Many credit the mythological Jewish golem (a clay creature brought to life by its creator) as the conceptual forerunner of artificial intelligence, while others also claim with Mary Shelley’s Monster from Frankenstein as an early inspiration. By creating the first algorithm, Ada Lovelace laid the groundwork for the future field of AI in the mid-1840s, while Alan Turing’s mid-20th century Turing Test (wherein he attempted to determine whether a computer could pass as a human being) forced society to consider the possibility of computers possessing indistinguishable human characteristics.


Intake – new work by Yael Brotman

April 26 – May 23, 2023

Yael Brotman, Intake #1, etching on kurotani paper, collage, stencil, 2023

We have all been dislocated in some way over the past years. But the door is always open, and we are always welcomed by nature to emerge into new imaginative worlds. The underlying themes of movement and growth relate both to vegetation and to our ever-changing human connections.


Jenn Law and Penelope Stewart, long time artist collaborators and co-publishers of art+reading are about to launch the final part of their Evolve project. This Special Edition encompassed 20 online Instagram Artist creations and now an expanded conversation in the form of Issue 3 of art+reading. An announcement of the launch location and date coming soon.

Jenn Law, Cover art , issue 3 of art+reading, 2023

Anne O’Callaghan

CARRIERS OF MEMORY AND HISTORY – Spring and Summer 2023 as part of Traversée, an initiative of Hatchery Artists and Le Labo des Arts which includes a series of international exhibitions and a residency.

Anne O’Callaghan, Jamaica Kincaid and Wordsworth, digital photograph, 2023

O’Callaghan in her work CARRIERS OF MEMORY AND HISTORY explores the buried socio-political history of the garden, by peeling back buried layers of history and colonial rule. O’Callaghan’s work is based on her response to readings and research in poetry, politics, architecture and to the years she spent as a gardener.

I started my “hunt” for the history and origin of plants some 25 years ago. The history and the journeys of these plants tell us much about culture, politics, and the monetization of humans, as it does about botanicals.

Traversée is a multi-layered dialogue about the concepts of home, place and belonging. The program, exhibitions and residency start in April at Broadway Gallery Nottingham, and Artcore Gallery, Derby, England. In June and July the members will participate in a residency hosted by Labo des Arts, Caen, Normandy. The residency will conclude with an exhibition in the historic Norman Church Saint Nicolas de Caen.

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Yael Brotman, Nicole Collins, Anne-Marie Cosgrove, Laine Groeneweg, Libby Hague, Catherine Heard, Jenn Law, Anne O’Callaghan, Liz Parkinson, Penelope Stewart, Adrienne Trent
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