Cheryl Sourkes: #whatev – new publication available from Impulse[b]


Cheryl Sourkes

Impulse[b] wants to let you know about #whatev, our latest publication by long time Internet interlocutor Cheryl Sourkes with a striking accompanying text by theorist Cheryl Simon.

Cheryl Simon calls #whatev, “An emoji-spilling, hashtag streaming visual prose-poem. There’s a force in the linguistic landscape of the Internet these days that is insistent and commanding and sometimes aggressive, an intensity perfectly captured in #whatev’s exquisite tableaux and uncanny hashtag poetry. A work of Internet pageantry.”



Cheryl Sourkes writes, “The Internet inhabits a haphazardly assembled zone that resides somewhere between our day-to-day reality and the night-time story that plays out in our minds while we sleep. Time spent on the Internet is isolating at the same time that it is massively networked. We half invent whatever/whoever we connect with there. To ease this disjunct, on-line communication has developed a vernacular of its own; its foremost devices are emoji and hashtags. #whatev’s playful tableaux draw on these collective innovations and invite them to operate in an unanticipated context.

#whatev is available for purchase on the Impulse[b] website in hardcopy for $25 and ebook for $5. It’s also stocked at Type books in Toronto.

#whatev is 6” x 7”, 128 pages, softcover, perfect-bound, colour, 1st printing 2021, edition of 100


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Cheryl Sourkes is a visual artist currently based in Toronto but still vitally connected to communities in Montreal and Vancouver. Her work investigates the visual dimension of new technology, most especially social and cultural developments associated with surveillance and social media. Her themes include time, gender, epistemology and conventions of representation. Sourkes’s work has been seen extensively across the country as well as internationally over many decades.

IMPULSE[b] publishes artists’ books and multiples by established and emerging creators. IMPULSE[b] sees itself as the conceptual continuation of the innovation established by IMPULSE magazine, the premier Canadian art and culture magazine of the 1970s and 80s. The visual arts were presented as being interconnected with architecture, literature, design, music, politics and society. IMPULSE was the subject of two retrospective exhibitions at MOCCA in Toronto and White Box in New York City and the book by University of Toronto Press, Impulse Archaeology.



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