Call to Artists and Curators: Exhibition Projects, Salle Alfred-Pellan


Call to Artists and Curators
Exhibition projects

Deadline: December 1, 2019

Salle Alfred-Pellan (SAP) is a museum institution dedicated to the dissemination of contemporary and current art. The SAP provides a space of manifold exchanges, first through the museological process between artists, curators, and our team, and then between the exhibitions and the visitors through its artistic mediation program. Its mission enables it to present projects of national scope while offering the public tools and activities to help appropriate the presented works.


View of the exhibition Karine Payette – Espaces sans espèces, presented at Salle Alfred-Pellan in winter 2019. Photo: Guy L’Heureux

Regular exhibitions
Two exhibition spaces: the SAP and the Foyer. Professional artists (SAP and Foyer) and curators (SAP) are invited to present an original solo or group exhibition project in current or contemporary art.

Thematic exhibitions
The SAP is inviting curators to submit proposals for a group thematic exhibition in the 2022-2023 winter season. This exhibition of contemporary or current art includes an important educational segment. For more information, please write, specifying “SAP – thematic exhibition” in the subject.

File Submissions
The proposals must include the following documents: a description of the project (maximum 2 pages); a résumé (CV) for each of the participating artists or collaborators (maximum 3 pages per résumé); an artist statement for each of the participating artists (maximum 1 page per artist); 10 digital images (high resolution JPEG images) of the works, identified, numbered, and accompanied by a descriptive list, along with video excerpts, if applicable (total duration of no more than 10 minutes). The support material must be presented on media readable on the Windows platform (MOV, WMV, MPEG-4). Curators must also include: a presentation of the exhibitions produced, with accompanying texts and publication excerpts, if applicable.

Salle Alfred-Pellan
Regular exhibitions – 2021-2022 season (1 time slot)
Regular exhibitions – 2022-2023 season (3 time slots)
Thematic exhibition – 2022-2023 season
400 m2 – modular space – black cube – stage lighting

Foyer at Théâtre des Muses
Regular exhibitions – 2020-2021 season (4 time slots)
25 m2 – wall installation only – natural lighting – public space

Use the WeTransfer platform to send files to the following email address:

Specify SAP or Foyer-Proposal in the subject

Please identify each document with your full name and the document type (see highlighted words in the File Submissions section above) while avoiding accents and spaces (example: john-mckay_artist-statement.pdf)