Call to Artists: Alchemy Artist Residency 2022 in Prince Edward County


Artist Lisa Wood working in studio, 2021. Photo by Kirstyn Mayers.

Alchemy Artist Residency: Prince Edward County 2022

Program Dates: June through September 2022 (2-to-4-week time slots available)
Submission Deadline: February 12, 2022
Programming/coordination: $500.00 – $600.00 per artist

2022 plans will include adherence to all federal, provincial, and local COVID-related safety precautions to keep both community members and participating artists safe.

About Alchemy: A Residency for Inquiry and Community

Alchemy is an international artist-led residency exploring the common themes between artistic practice and the cooking and sharing of food in community settings. Since 2017, this residency has taken place in rural Hillier, Prince Edward County, Ontario, Canada, during the harvest season.

Since the onset of COVID, we have found safe and creative ways to engage and encourage artists to continue work in progress or undertake new work inspired by the people and terroir of this dynamic rural agricultural setting. Participating artists committed to this project will live and visit Hillier from late spring through to the fall harvest season to create site-specific art on wineries and farms and engage in community events and activities. Programming will bring artists and the community together to explore, learn, create, and share lines of inquiry. Through community engagement and a commitment to collaborative process, we collect, tell, and document multiple stories showcasing what compels people to continue to create, grow, farm, and live here.


Field Notes 2021 installation by Mary Macdonald at Stanners Vineyards. Photo by Tonia Di Risio.

Our 2022 programming builds on work launched in 2020 and 2021. For example, during the 2021 harvest season, Alchemy organized and curated “Field Notes”, a month-long exhibition featuring site-specific projects by eight artists and one writer. At the same time, through our “Table Settings” initiative, we planned, prepared, and provided more than 2000 suppers to acknowledge the hard work and significant contribution of farm and vineyard labourers, many of whom come from outside of Canada to harvest food and grapes enjoyed in the county and beyond. Our 2022 programming builds on the success of these two projects under the Alchemy umbrella.

Alchemy Prince Edward County 2022 plans to host and curate 10-12 artists (2-3 artists per month) for two to four weeks at a time. Participating artists will:

  • Participate in “Field Notes 2022” group exhibition during the harvest season (Fall 2022)
  • pursue studio work in a local community public space
  • contribute up to one day per week to our “Table Settings” supper program (working under the supervision of our kitchen brigade coordinator)

Two long time collaborators will facilitate alchemy 2022 for this work:

Claire M Tallarico, a visual artist and trained chef whose social practice explores how the everyday activities of art making and food sharing can contribute to the well-being of artists and furthering community engagement for a community and its citizens.

Tonia Di Risio, a visual artist whose work has developed through ongoing investigations of the growing, making, preserving, celebrating, and sharing of food.


Table Settings, the kitchen brigade, 2021. Photo by Kirstyn Mayers.


Our 2022 plans will include adherence to all federal, provincial, and local COVID-related safety precautions to keep both community members and participating artists safe.

Artists with an appetite for living in a community setting while creating art and shared meals are encouraged to apply. Applications must include artist CV, artist statement, a letter of intent, and images/artist website.

Details about how and where to submit your application can be found at

Questions? Please email:


Built on four pillars: food, art, farm and community, Alchemy is an artist-led international residency designed to explore the synergy between artistic practices and the sharing of locally cultivated food in a community setting. Since its first programmed residency on the Toronto Islands in 2015, Alchemy has grown through the thoughtful participation of more than 70 working artists from three continents – the majority of whom form collaborations that extend well beyond their time together. This hands-on, creative model has a positive effect on individual participating artists and their communities.

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