Call for Submissions: StreetARToronto Partnership Program 2022


City of Toronto StreetARToronto Partnership Program Applications now open to Not for Profit and Community Organizations, Artists and Artist Collectives

Application Deadline: February 22, 2022, 11:59pm

LEARN MORE!! Visit the StreetARToronto website and watch the Information Session Presentation Video Link for more information about the StART Partnership Program. After reviewing this content come prepared with your questions (and bring a cup of coffee or your favorite beverage) to our online Partnership Program Q&A Over Coffee on Friday, January 28 from 10:30am-12:00pm! Register on Eventbrite!!

The City of Toronto is seeking submissions for StreetARToronto’s Partnership Program. The application is open to individual Artists, Artist Collectives, and not-for-profit or charitable organizations operating in the city of Toronto.

This project is being implemented by StreetARToronto (StART), part of the Neighbourhood Projects Section of the City of Toronto’s Transportation Services Division.


Lead Artist: Jacquie Comrie with Friends of Beach Parks. Photo: Lisa MacIntosh

StART Partnership Program is designed to encourage active transportation (walking and cycling), add colour and vitality to neighbourhoods to make our streets more inviting and safe, showcase Toronto artists, demonstrate the positive and powerful impacts of diversity and inclusion, and create opportunities for positive engagement among residents, business owners and operators, artists and arts organizations.

StART provides up to $60,000 in funding for partnership projects that support program objectives. StART strives to support a diverse range of artists and organizations, increase mentorship opportunities through street art installations, develop the talents of local emerging artists and expand the variety and scope of projects supported every year.

All proposed projects and their related activities must be located within the City of Toronto with maximum street visibility and neighbourhood impact. Written authorization from the property owner is required at the time of application.

Projects must demonstrate a strong community engagement component. StART requires applicants to host public consultations or events to inform the community about their projects and obtain feedback, to help create a sense of belonging among all. Mentorship or training opportunities for youth or emerging artists are encouraged.

Submissions are evaluated by an Advisory Committee using a consistent set of assessment criteria. For projects that are recommended for funding, the external advisory committee will determine which ones get produced in 2022 based on how well developed the community consultation and engagement sessions are outlined and planned. Projects that require a longer runway to effectively produce and deliver thorough consultation and engagement with the community will be recommended for production in 2023. Remember that the Partnership Program is intended for projects that work with a community.

Application Deadline: February 22, 2022, 11:59pm (eastern)

Download the application package:

For more information or general questions please contact or visit StART’s website at