Call for Submissions: Public Art for Recovery Park, City of Saskatoon

Launch Time by Mel Bolen, Charley Farrero, Michael Hosaluk, Sean Whalley

City of Saskatoon Public Art
Recovery Park: Call for Art

Solicitation Number: COSe20-0059
Solicitation Name: Recovery Park: Call for Art

Fabrication and installation of three (3) thematically connected artworks, with one (1) artwork located at the City of Saskatoon’s Recovery Park Facility and the other two (2) artworks to be within the city limits to be determined after award.

The artistic concept is to incorporate the reuse and recycling of material (provided or usable from the site) to promote environmental sustainability. Through the creation of three (3) artworks the artist will communicate the concept of environmental sustainability. Installation options can include sculpture and lighting. Other options as presented by the artist will be considered.

How to Obtain Solicitation Documents:
Solicitation documents for this procurement can be found on

All respondents must register on the City’s electronic bidding system at This will enable the respondent to download the solicitation document, ask questions, receive addenda and email notifications, and submit their bid through the bidding system.

Award notification will be posted to

Submission Deadline: 2:00:59 p.m. Saskatchewan Time, Thursday, May 19, 2022

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