Call for Submissions: Nudus 2022

NUDUS – 2022

Express your artistic world of the human body

Deadline: July 24, 2022
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Nudus 2022 is an all-medium dual art competition presented mutually by Gallerium Art Exhibitions and The Book of Art Publication.

Nudus; a Latin word for nude and naked, has been an enduring artistic tradition in western art throughout history.

Unclothed human figures of men and women have been part of the art world since the ancient Greek and Renaissance eras. Surprisingly, naked figures have been used to express a hidden religious, moral, or political significance. Furthermore, the nude figures have been presented as decorative arts or symbols for fertility and well-being.

For Nudus 2022, we are looking for nude figures as a manifestation of the body, the unveiling, the essence of the true human being, an identity of body and soul, which along with the appearance, leads to the truth within.

All visual artists working in any art medium are invited to submit their applications from anywhere in the world.

Selected artworks will be showcased in a smart international online group exhibition organized by Gallerium and will get published in The Book of Arts: Nudus.

Other awards include artwork promotional badges, visitor’s comments and ratings, digital certificates, and live informative artwork popularity reports.

Submitting to this dual exhibition and publication art opportunity is free of charge, and a small fixed selection fee of USD 40 applies to selected artists only.

Reflections I by Gerard Huber


▪ Publication
The selected artworks will be published in The Book of Arts: Nudus publication. The online version of the book will be available for free, while the high-quality print can be ordered via print-on-demand services. The book will be promoted and distributed internationally, becoming available to thousands of readers, including experts, galleries, curators, businesses, and art enthusiasts, via popular publication gateways.

▪ Exhibition
The selected artworks will be showcased in Nudus – 2022 international online group exhibition, organized by Gallerium. Selected artworks will be exhibited online from August 10 to September 10, 2022.

▪ Exhibition Poster
Each artist will receive a link to the digital version of the exhibition poster via email.

▪ Social Media Badges
A digital social media promotional badge for each artwork will be sent to each artist to share on social media.

▪ Artwork Rating and Comments
All exhibition visitors can post their comments and ratings of each artwork online.

▪ Exhibition Press Release
An exhibition press release sent out will be published in the art media to mark the event, attract more visitors, and increase the chances of artwork sales during the exhibition period.

▪ Reports, Analytics and Insights
A report containing the number of views, comments, artworks popularity, the engagement rate of exhibition viewers with artworks, and sales statistics, will be sent to artists via email.

▪ Artist Profile Page
Each artist receives a free online profile page on Biafarin platform.

▪ Certificate
A digital certificate will be issued for all selected artists. Each artist can print the digital certificate from Biafarin platform after the selection is complete.

▪ Biafarin Free Shipment
Selected Biafarin members with Gold and Platinum membership will use a free shipment of their artwork(s) in case of sales.

Note: Delivery of awards are guaranteed by Biafarin Inc.

Artist Eligibility
This opportunity is open to all visual artists worldwide.

Number of Artworks
Each artist can submit from 1 to 5 artworks.

Artworks Eligibility
The submission is open to all visual artists creating original artworks in 2 and 3-dimensional media. Artists working in any art medium including not limited to Drawing, Painting, Illustration, Printmaking, Fiber Art, Textile Arts, Book Art, Land Art, Photography, Digital Arts, Collage, Mixed Media, Sculpture, Metalsmithing, Installation, are welcome to apply.

Originality and Rights
Artworks must be entirely the work of the entrant, executed without the supervision of an instructor. Entries must not be copies or derivatives based in any way on other copyrighted or published paintings, photographs or other artistic work. Any infraction of this rule will result in serious consequences. Artist should have all the rights for presenting and publishing the artworks internationally.

Artwork Photo
Only the artwork should show in the photo (no frames or extraneous backgrounds).

Artists can submit artworks that are not for sales.

Number of Artworks
Artists can submit up to 5 pieces of original artworks in relation to the subject. The artworks are subject to selection and maximum 2 artworks might be selected from the chosen artists.

Artworks that, in reasonable view of the organizer, include porn, violence, and/or racial, and religious hatred, inappropriate and/or offensive content, are not admissible.

Questions? Contact Rachel at

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