Call for Submissions: Local Art for New Residential Community, The Kith, Erin Mills

Illustrations are artist’s concepts. Dimensions, specifications, and architectural detailing may vary from what is shown. Prices are subject to change without notice. All brand names, logos, images, text, and graphics are the copyright of the owners, Daniels HR Corporation. Reproduction in any form, without prior written permission of Daniels HR Corporation, is strictly prohibited. E. & O. E.

Call for Submissions
Local Art for New Residential Community (Erin Mills)

Daniels HR Corporation (Daniels), on behalf of The Daniels Corporation, invites artists from Erin Mills and larger Mississauga community to submit proposals in consideration for the residential areas at The Kith condominiums in Erin Mills. The installation of the artwork will take place in early 2025. The proposal process will involve consulting with Daniels on the design and fabrication of the work to arrive at a final concept, as well as the installation of the piece.

Project Description

For The Daniels Corporation (Daniels) each new home community is a work of art — literally. From conception through to completion, every Daniels neighborhood is designed to enhance its surroundings, the community and to make a statement about its unique character. Daniels has pioneered a new approach to décor and art focused on sourcing local art for each of our new buildings. Within each project Daniels looks to source a wide range of art forms from paintings to photography to sculptures and beyond. This addition of striking local art through community engagement has quickly become a cornerstone of the company’s design philosophy.

The community is located at the southwest corner of Eglinton Avenue West and Erin Mills Parkway. A 15-storey modern condominium in the beautiful master-planned, multi-generational Daniels Erin Mills community, The Kith is thoughtfully designed to create meaningful connections between people and spaces. Residents will appreciate indoor and outdoor lifestyle amenities to socialize, play and celebrate an active way of life.

Opportunities for Local Art at The Kith

In consultation with Kirkor Architects and Planners, a number of opportunities for social purchasing of local artwork have been identified for the common areas and amenity spaces within the residential tower to bring the space to life and tie everything together. Look and feel imagery showing the overall design intent for the spaces are included below. A breakdown of the pieces to be commissioned, medium, and location is included in the Response Cover Page. Artists are invited to submit artwork that is inspired by the overall look and feel/design principles and inspiration images provided.

For this opportunity, priority will be given to artists who self-identify as:

  • Having a connection to Erin Mills and the larger Mississauga community: current or former resident, or works within the specific community identified
  • Emerging and mid-career artists
  • Diverse individuals belonging to equity-deserving groups including but not limited to members of visible minority groups, Indigenous Peoples, persons with disabilities, and LGBTQ2S+ people

Submission Requirements

1. Please submit as attachments by email only (no file transfer links to download please) to to a maximum of 10 MB total.

2. Response Cover Page – please read and complete the Response Cover page thoroughly; please include a description of each proposed artwork (two lines/25 words max). Completion of the Response Cover Page is mandatory to be considered for the project.

3. Artist Information:

  • A CV / resume with contact information and any supporting materials (website, reviews, catalogues)
  • Biography (200 words max.)
  • An Artist Statement (200 words max.)
    ◦  Outline experience in public art, if any
  • Additional Information
    ◦  Connection to the communities as stated above (35 words maximum) EX. Current or former resident, etc.
    ◦  Please clearly indicate if you identify as an Emerging or Mid-Career Artist
    ◦  Optional – self-identify as a diverse individual belonging to equity-deserving groups, including but not limited to members of visible minority groups, Indigenous Peoples, persons with disabilities, and LGBTQ2S+ communities

4. Proposal:

  • 1-2 images, sketches, examples or images of proposed artwork piece(s) – proposed art may be existing pieces or new pieces for consideration or commission, as long as they meet the requirements for each area (size, medium look/feel etc). For each image please include the following information: title, medium, dimensions, year of completion in the Response Cover Page
  • If submitting for mural or large scale opportunities requiring the Artist to install onsite, the selected Artist will be required to obtain and provide proof of insurance, and include this in their Fee. Additionally, the Artist will be required to sign off on Daniels’ Artist Agreement and site Health & Safety policies (to be provided by Daniels) in advance of beginning their work on site.
  • Must include a proposed fee for each piece and shall be an all-inclusive fee that includes the following:
    ◦  Frames (if required for the piece); installation hardware not required
    ◦  Delivery to site for installation and if required, temporary storage of piece/s if applicable until ready for installation. Artist to coordinate with Daniels for delivery (Daniels will install the artwork)
    ◦  Copyright of the artwork will continue to be owned by the Artist, however fee must include granting Daniels permission to photograph or film and reproduce, use, exhibit, display, broadcast and distribute and create derivative works of these images or videos’ image in any media now known or later developed, with no additional royalties due, The image/s may also be incorporated into print and/or online brochures.

Deadline for Submissions: Monday, May 6, 2024, 5:00 p.m.

For any other questions, please contact