Call for Submissions from Artists in British Columbia: Nonreturnable

Two Rivers Gallery, Prince George

Call for Submissions: Nonreturnable

Submission Deadline: 4:00pm on Monday, March 6, 2023
Exhibition: July 23 to October 8, 2023 (subject to change)

Since the 1950’s, the global production of plastic has skyrocketed from two million tonnes (or ten thousand blue whales) to nearly 400 million tonnes (or two million blue whales). It comprises the bones of our furniture, the packaging around our food, and the gum we chew. It is progressively insidious, making its way into table salt and breast milk. Countless movements have attempted to combat this, with recent campaigns including the boycotting of plastic straws and grocery bags. Meanwhile, a group of one-hundred companies continue to create more than 90% of all global plastic waste.

Our collective wish to decrease plastic to combat the climate crisis is challenged by our desire for its convenience and affordability. Many of the solutions designed and advertised to be sustainable are inaccessible due to high cost and often a lack of willingness from industry to adapt or pursue alternatives. This tension between the need to simultaneously eradicate and consume single use items has been heightened by the prevalence of disposable goods as we grapple with the pandemic. How does this complicated relationship with plastic inform our relationship with the land, our bodies, and future generations?

Two Rivers Gallery invites artists from across BC whose work explores our relationship with plastic to share their perspective through visual art in any medium. Work might consider critiques, solutions, or other themes that speak to plastic and its impact individually, societally, and environmentally.

Submission Details
To submit online, visit

You will be asked to upload:

  • Images, or links to images, and dimensions of up to six artworks produced within the last five years
  • A short (no more than 200 words) statement linking each work to the call theme which may be exhibited alongside your work
  • CV
  • Artist bio
  • Contact information
  • A brief statement about why this call interests you

If you would prefer a different submission method, such as an interview or video submission, or need any further assistance with your application, please contact Assistant Curator Kait Herlehy at or (250) 614 7800 ext. 7492 and they would be happy to make arrangements.

If your work is selected:

  • You will receive a CARFAC artist fee
  • Two Rivers Gallery will reimburse up to $80 of outgoing shipping costs
  • Artwork will be returned to the address of origin at Two Rivers Gallery’s expense

Submission Deadline: 4:00pm on Monday, March 6, 2023

Direct enquiries to:
Assistant Curator, Kait Herlehy
(250) 614 7800 ext. 7492 |
Two Rivers Gallery, 725 Canada Games Way, Prince George, BC  V2L 5T1

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