Call for Submissions: Factory Media Centre AR Activations

Call for Submissions – Factory Media Centre AR Activations

Application Deadline: August 26, 2022 at 11:59pm E.T.

Factory Media Centre (FMC) is seeking experimental digital art submissions for an Augmented Reality exhibition taking place on the historical façade of our new home located at 366 Victoria Avenue North, in Hamilton, Ontario. Four to six artists will be selected to create and deploy 3D assets launching in October 2022, to be on-view until the end of 2023.

FMC’s new home is located in a historical hydro site which has been converted into an innovative media hub with our gallery, equipment library, and studios. Artists may propose AR activations to take place at street-level, as well utilizing the historical hardware fixturing leftover from the building’s past. Prominent late-Victorian architectural features visible from the street include the historical red brickwork, ‘Cataract Electric’ ghost signage, hydro hook-up grid, and large original window arches. The FMC programming team will work closely with successful applicants to curate their asset(s) into the final placement for the group exhibition.

Eligibility criteria

  • FMC is accepting applications from artists of all career levels: emerging, mid-career, or established artists; working and/or with a focus in 3D work, 3D asset creation, or AR/VR.
  • Artists whose primary residence is within Canada.
  • FMC welcomes artists who identify as Black, Indigenous, or persons and people of colour; who may also identify as refugee, newcomer, and/or immigrant persons.


  • $6000 artist fee to produce 3D asset(s) or animated 3D asset(s)for a collective AR Exhibition
  • Introduction orientation session and technical assistance as needed
  • Staff and board support
  • Online studio visit with peers from Hamilton’s art community

Artist(s) expectations during project

  • Participate in the AR cohort experience that will run from September to October, 2022, and will include meetings with the AR Tech, workshops and group feedback sessions
  • Produce a 3D asset(s)* for display from October 20 2022-December 20, 2023 taking place outdoors at Factory Media Centre located at 366 Victoria Avenue North, Hamilton, Ontario. *Artists will be expected to produce an original asset(s) for exhibition
  • Experiment with media art forms, techniques, or content
  • Use of documentation from project (images, or video) to be hosted on FMC website, archives, publication, and grant applications.

Application Deadline: August 26, 2022 at 11:59pm E.T.

Apply Here:

Application Requirements:

1. Contact information:

  • Name, email, phone number, pronouns, website if you have one, and location.

2. Artwork Description:

  • Please describe the artwork you wish to create or include in the AR Activation (600 words max)
    ◦  What will it look like?
    ◦  How many assets, and what are they?
    ◦  Are there any themes or ideas that will help us understand your proposed artwork?
    ◦  Are the assets already created, or do you need to create them?
    ◦  How do you envision your artwork to interact with our building? (Ex. My artwork will use the windows, my artwork will be activated by certain signage, etc.). Please note: We may ask artists to be flexible with their asset(s) placements to ensure that the final placement of asset(s) will all use unique fixtures.
  • Do you have any previous experience with digital art or new media skills? (Ex. Video, 3d, AR/VR, coding, etc.)
  • Do you require any assistance in completing your asset(s)?
  • This opportunity includes a remote group orientation session, two remote one-on-one workshops with an AR tech to finalize your asset for display, as well as group feedback sessions. Will you participate in these activities?

3. Support Material:

  • Artist Biography (250 words max)
  • CV (3 page max)
  • Visual support material: (only one option is required):
    ◦  5-10 still images in one PDF document: with image information title, year, medium, duration/size, as well as a written description if applicable
    ◦  1-2 direct website links to durational support material on Youtube or Vimeo (2 min max): with project information: title, year, medium, duration/size
  • Applicants are welcome to submit a mock-up in their support material however it is not required

About the Factory Media Centre
The Factory Media Centre is a not-for-profit artist-run resource centre located in Hamilton, Ontario. FMC is dedicated to the production and promotion of creatively diverse forms of independent films, videos, and other streaming multimedia art forms. FMC is currently renovating our new home at 366 Victoria Avenue North, with current programs taking place off-site and online.

Our mission is to develop and support a vibrant, sustainable, creative, and diverse community of Members within Hamilton and its surrounding region, who are involved or interested in the art, the craft, and the technologies, of motion picture media. In addition to our mission, we also provide access to facilities, equipment, peer resources and educational initiatives to the community of time-based visual artists, as well as to the community at large. Through our programming we hope to encourage the development and appreciation of all related visual art forms through an ongoing program of screenings and events.
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