Call for Submissions: 1000 Minutes (Pilot)

Stills from Lapse by Katy Catchpole

Call for Submissions: 1000 Minutes (Pilot)

DEADLINE: March 25, 2023
Trinity Square Video

Calling all filmmakers and video artists in Canada!

Trinity Square Video and Tangled Art + Disability are seeking film and video submissions for 1000 MINUTES, a collaborative project and learning opportunity with the objective of generating up to one thousand minutes of audio descriptions (a.k.a. described videos) for experimental films and videos by Canadian creators.

Selected applicants will receive a FREE, fully audio-described version of their work, created through a series of workshops with a trained team of dramaturgists, consultants, sound editors, artists, and audio-description students. Please indicate in the application whether you are interested in participating in these workshops or only the audio description. Capacity to participate in the workshop is limited to 10 students.

Following the completion of 1000 Minutes of audio description, a film festival will take place in January 2024 featuring a curated program of some of the described works.

1000 Minutes Application Form

If you encounter any barriers when applying, please contact Karina Iskandarsjah ( for submission alternatives.


What is an audio description (AD)?
Audio description (AD), also referred to as video description or described video, is a form of narration that provides key visual information in a media work for the benefit of Blind and Visually Impaired consumers.

Who is permitted to submit work to the 1000 Minutes pilot?
This is a national opportunity open to all creators currently residing in Canada with work that falls under the umbrella of screen-based and media arts. Due to the 1000 minute limit, we will be prioritizing works under 30 minutes and reviewing applications on a first come first serve basis.

How will the submissions be judged?
The 1000 Minutes Pilot open call is organized and juried by a committee that includes arts administrators and curators: Sean Lee, Emily Fitzpatrick, and Karina Iskandarsjah, as well as consultant and inclusion services providers: Kat Germain and Milena Khazanavicius. The jury will consider range in subject matter, theme, and format during the selection process. The jury will also be prioritizing applicants who identify as Disabled, d/Deaf, Mad, and Neurodivergent artists.

Who is permitted to take part in the AD workshops?
All applicants are encouraged to indicate in their application form their interest in participating in the series of AD workshops. Since there is a limited capacity of 10 students, we will be reviewing applications on a first come first serve basis.

What do the AD workshops entail?
Participants will be trained in the skill of describing, and will be guided through creating their own described video scripts (from writing, to dramaturgies, and audio-recording/editing). Those taking part in the AD workshops will commit to a bi-weekly schedule of 2-hour classes from May-September 2023.

Are all selected applications automatically part of the 2024 film festival?
Works selected for the 1000 Minutes Pilot will not automatically be featured in the 2024 film festival. If you’re interested in submitting your film or video to be considered for the 2024 film festival, please indicate so on the application form. Selection for the 2024 film festival will be determined by both the 1000 Minutes committee as well as guest curators. CARFAC and IMAA screening fees will apply for screening artists.

1000 Minutes (Pilot) is generously supported by the Canada Council for the Arts.

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Image description: Five different film photographs sliced into rectangles and collaged together in a straight row. The partial images sit on top of a black background, and display various hues of washed out green, red and purple. The subjects of the photographs include portraits of a toddler and an adult woman in various outdoor settings.