Call for Proposals – Third Shift 2023: Reclamation


THIRD SHIFT is an annual festival of public contemporary artworks. The event holds space for new experiences and communal exchange through the exhibition of temporary public art installations, performances, and screenings, alongside workshops, artist talks, and conversation panels. THIRD SHIFT will take place in Saint John, New Brunswick from August 18 – 20, 2023.

THIRD SHIFT: RECLAMATION aims to reflect in, around, and outside what once belonged to us as artists and observers. Personal time, bonds, roots, heritages, many of these elements in our day-to-day lives often get set aside in our fast-paced world. We are rarely given time to consider our existence amongst others, always caught up in anticipating everything but ourselves. What does it mean to take time for oneself, to reflect on self-care, to focus on hobbies, or to revisit physical places that once felt like home?

We are seeking works that challenge the barriers, constraints, and limitations imposed by our ongoing lives, reclaiming our landscapes, our interpersonal relationships, and things we have grown distant from. Proposals can also present manners in which we relearn how to be human, how to take a step back and create something for ourselves. Reclamation as a theme goes beyond its current political landscapes, it observes the corners of our homes that we overlook all too often, the junk drawer of tools, notes, and knick knacks that we are too stubborn to toss out. While this theme holds heavy ties to ongoing actualities in our country and across the world, it also finds itself in the mundane, continuing life that we all experience. We encourage applicants to share experiences of their personal reclamations of a situation, community, or industry, and/or critically examine our personal and collective environments.

This theme is intentionally broad and, as such, can be interpreted in a multitude of ways. The proposed projects can take almost any form, from installation to performance. We encourage applicants to interpret the theme creatively. We value experimentation and collaboration.


DEADLINE FOR SUBMISSION: Sunday, March 12, 2023, 11:59pm AST.

NEED HELP? Application assistance is available for anyone who faces disability-related barriers to completing an online application and/or Indigenous applicants facing language, geographic and/or cultural barriers within the online application process.

Manny Travers
Executive Director, Third Space Gallery

SOCIAL MEDIA @thirdspacegallery