Call for Proposals: Public Water – Hydrant Fountain Project

Hydrants for All, New Public Hydrant, Tei Carpenter and Christopher Woebken, photo courtesy of the artists.

Public Water – Hydrant Fountain Project
Call for Proposals

Artists, Makers, Tinkerers, Amateur Engineers of Aqueducts

Thoroughly inspired by creative hydrant fountain projects in other communities, the Water Department at The City of Red Deer is seeking proposals for two hydrant-fountain projects. Proposed projects act as an innovative appendage and drinking fountain for the public that also highlights the importance of providing access to drinkable water for all. The project speaks to the importance of using refillable water bottles and the movement away from bottled water and single-use containers.

Hydrant Fountain Project A: Is a semi-permanent hydrant-fountain artwork/appendage that will be located on the Ross Street Patio in downtown Red Deer. The patio is a hive of activity all summer and early fall with music, performers, food and entertainment. The fountain will be installed and maintained each year by the Water Department and be active from late spring through fall. The fountain will be removed and stored during the winter.

Hydrant Fountain Project B: Is a portable hydrant-fountain artwork/appendage that will be installed temporarily on a hydrant for special events throughout the community.

Basic Technical Specifications to Consider

  • The materials used must be nontoxic and suitable for drinking from.
  • The artwork/appendage design should be low maintenance and use parts that are easily repaired or replaced.
  • The design or concept must be unique/original and stand out as something quite different from a typical water fountain or fire hydrant.
  • Project A should have a footprint of no more than 1.5 meter from the hydrant base.
  • Project B should be lightweight and portable/relatively easy to set up/transport.


Up to $5000.00 per project including artist fees, materials and installation.


  • June 10 – Call launched
  • June 26th – Deadline for Submissions
  • June 28th Artist’s Notified
  • July 27th/28th (Centrefest) Projects Installed/launched/ or performed as installation. (Ideally, however deadline is negotiable)

Submit your ideas, sketches and proposals by June 26, 2019!


  1. 1-3 pages that include sketches or diagrams and proposed description of project A, B/or both.
  2. Examples of past projects as images or a link to a website or social media.
  3. A budget that includes material costs, artist fee, installation and other associated costs.
  4. A CV, resume or summary of your related experience as an artist or maker and contact details

Please send all submissions to

Submissions will be reviewed by a team of enthusiastic individuals from The Red Deer Arts Council, The City of Red Deer, and The Downtown Community Development Committee.

Visit the project New Public Water by artists Tei Carpenter and Christopher Woebken for ideas and inspiration on other hydrant based artworks: