Call for Proposals: Gardiner Museum Artist Residency 2024

Photo: Lisa Sakulensky

Gardiner Museum Artist Residency: Call for Proposals

Submission Deadline: November 12, 2023, 5 pm EST
Download the full application

The Gardiner Museum in Toronto is seeking proposals for the Gardiner Museum Artist Residency.

The Artist Residency is designed for established and mid-career artists with a demonstrated commitment to ceramics. The goal is to complete a specific project that is considered a new body of work. Proposed projects should be ones that the applicant would find difficult or be unable to complete without the Residency, due to time, space, equipment, or other reasons. Projects will ideally include a research component that builds off the Gardiner Museum collections, archives, library, or other materials.

Residency Description

The Gardiner Museum Artist Residency will provide the successful applicant with a paid residency opportunity that will last 8 – 12 weeks, between March 15 and June 15, 2024, during which time the resident will have primary access to the Laura Dinner & Richard Rooney Community Clay Studio.

The resident will be trained by Gardiner staff in object handling procedures and be granted access with supervision to the permanent collection.

The Residency will include a public-facing role, with Museum patrons able to visit the resident’s studio during designated hours. Further, the resident will offer a public program at the Museum, either a talk on their project; a special short-term workshop; or a sessional class.


The Artist Resident, be they a single artist or collective, will receive a $15,000 stipend toward accommodation, travel, as well as all cost of living, salary, and outside research costs for the time spent in Toronto at the Gardiner Museum. While all situations differ and thus budget allocations can vary, the program is designed for the successful applicant to receive a living wage while in Toronto. In addition to a stipend, the Gardiner Museum will provide $5,000 towards materials, equipment, and firing costs.


The Artist Residency is designed for established and mid-career artists with a demonstrated commitment to ceramics. That is, someone who can benefit from the opportunity of dedicated work time and space, as well as the further resources of the Museum, but not someone who is at the initial stages of their work as an artist. Mid-career in this context would typically mean more than eight (8) years of professional experience as an artist but less than thirty (30). Artists should have a clear interest in ceramics, although it does not need to be their exclusive medium. Artists will be citizens or Permanent Residents of Canada, with a record of having presented original artwork in Canada. The Gardiner encourages applications from all qualified candidates, including those from visible and invisible minority groups such as Black and Indigenous people, people of colour, and those with disabilities.

How to Apply

Please download and read the full application before applying. Interested applicants are required to please submit the following:

1. CV (up to 5 pages)

2. Letter of Intent (1 page) providing a narrative description of your practice, commitment to ceramics, and current career status, emphasizing how the Artist Residency will nurture development in these areas.

3. Project Proposal (4 pages maximum) describing what the applicant intends to make, why, and how being at the Gardiner would support the realization of the project. Proposals can include sketches, diagrams, and images as part of the four-page maximum. Ceramics should be the dominant material of the project, but does not need to be the sole material.

4. Portfolio (15 images total) of completed artworks by the artist or collective.

Complete submissions must be received by the Gardiner Museum by 5 pm EST on November 12, 2023, to be considered. Incomplete submissions will be subject to disqualification. All submission materials will be retained by the Gardiner Museum. Finalists can expect to be contacted by late November for an informational interview.

Submit complete proposals, as well as any questions, to:
Only packets received electronically will be reviewed.

The Gardiner Museum Artist Residency is made possible through the generous support of Dr. Pamela Goodwin.

Photo: Tom Arban

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