Call for Pre-Qualification: Public Art for Islington and Warden Stations, Toronto Transit Commission

Katharine Harvey, Trout Lily Blue Flag Iris, 2020, Chester Station Toronto, commissioned by the TTC (ceramic mosaic 8×14 feet). Photo courtesy of the artist.

Pre-Qualification of Artists for Islington and Warden Stations

Deadline for Submissions: March 28, 2024
Reference No. P11PJ22475

The TTC invites artists to submit to a pre-qualification process to be considered for two (2) new public art commission opportunities at Islington and Warden subway stations.

Professional Artists are invited to submit expressions of interest, CV, images of past work and reference, in accordance with the specifications within the full Request for Pre-qualification Document.

Pre-qualified artists will develop proposals for artworks for specific locations within one of the two stations (Stage 2 of an artwork selection process, see below). One Artist will be selected to develop an artwork at each station (two artists will be selected in total).

The selected Artist’s Scope of Work will include all stages of the design, construction and installation of the artwork from conception to completion, including but limited to:

  • Working with the project team to achieve an accepted concept within the schedule set for the project;
  • Conducting technical research and providing samples of the proposed technique of integrating the artwork into the station;
  • Working with the TTC’s art consultant and the station project team to present the concept to both public and TTC events, as required;
  • Work with the TTC’s design team to develop their artwork and, where appropriate, the station’s connection to the local context and community;
  • Working with the project team to address maintenance requirements for the artwork; and
  • Providing all materials, labour and services for the design, construction and installation of their artwork.

To apply, please refer to the TTC’s Bonfire Portal and application process through that platform.

Deadline for submissions: March 28, 2024
Please send Bid Submission via TTC’s Bonfire Public Portal, include REFERENCE NO. P11PJ22475

Anna Spadafora
Procurement and Contract Specialist
Procurement and Category Management,
Toronto Transit Commission