Call for Participants: Fixer°3

Call for Participants

Deadline for Applications: July 7, 2024 at 11:59pm EDT

Fixer is a gathering of image-makers, creatives, writers, and thinkers in an experiential critique session. Structured as an intimate, open dialogue between peers, Fixer brings together a group of lens-based artists presenting their works in the company of fellow artists and arts professionals. Critique and dialogue are integral components of Fixer; these sessions are built for feedback exchange to aid artists in the development of their projects and practice, to engage in collaborative assessments, and to sustain collective resource and knowledge-sharing while building community. Following the critique, the session culminates into a home-cooked feast prepared by halftone collective (Beau Gomez and Leila Fatemi). Additionally, each Fixer edition will be followed by a small-scale publication and a podcast episode, to archive the session and feature shared contributions on critique and the communal possibilities of image-making.

We are seeking QTBIPOC lens-based artists to participate as presenters for the third edition of Fixer.

If you are an artist currently developing a project/body of work involving photography, film, video, moving image, and are seeking critique and feedback from a community of fellow creatives, we encourage you to apply!

Click here for the Submission Form.

Fixer°3 will be held on September 7, 2024 in Toronto.

This is a paid opportunity and each participant will receive an honorarium of $700 for partaking in this session.

About halftone collective:
Comprised of visual artists and community workers Leila Fatemi and Beau Gomez, halftone collective aims to amplify conversation and dialogue to foster meaningful engagement and resource- and knowledge-sharing between image makers and the greater arts community. Born from a mutual desire to create inclusive spaces centered around care and community, we emphasize hosting/holding space for diverse voices and bodies to take part in collaborative and generative discourse, and encourage their creative voice without fear of judgment or exclusion. We believe in a non-hierarchical, peer-to-peer approach to extending and sustaining knowledge and care, challenging traditional artistic standards and opening up new possibilities for exploration and self-expression.

For more details, please visit our website.
Please email with any questions.

halftone collective acknowledges the generous support of Canada Council for the Arts to implement Fixer and its accompanying initiatives.