Call for Membership Applications



The Arts Territory Exchange is a selective membership programme for artists living remotely or who are interested in ideas of rurality/remoteness, place, and the environment.

Creating a vast global network of connected topographies and reaching to the worlds most isolated places, the Arts Territory Exchange facilitates collaboration between artists in remote and wilderness locations such as, islands, deserts, refugee camps, small communities or for those that feel themselves to be ā€˜remoteā€™ in other ways, cut of from the networks which usually sustain a practice. Artists are invited to exchange materials exploring ideas of territory, locality and place; documents from their postal/digital exchanges become part of an interactive living archive and evolving resource . aTE also hosts events, bringing together exchange participants and helping them to realise their collaborations in the form of exhibitions, lectures, publications, ā€˜face to faceā€™ and virtual residencies.

The programme is particularly interested in working with artists who are or have become disconnected from the resources (such as academic institutions, audiences, debate and critique) that often stimulate practice, and in addressing the remotenessā€”be it due to geography, rural isolation, disability, refugee status, economic disadvantage, parenthood, displacement or disenfranchisement of any kindā€”that may be a barrier to the conversation and dialogue that nourishes artistic practice.


We promote our artists work and offer a number of alternative residency opportunities including our ā€˜Residency by Correspondenceā€™ where artists are paired up with counterparts across the world to make and create work.

Applications are open until August 31st 2019 and we are reviewing applications on a rolling basis. Apply here and see more on our website and instagram and Facebook.

Membership benefits include:

  • Becoming part of a world-wide network.
  • Having your work included in a permanent collection, the aTE Archive.
  • Automatic inclusion in our ā€˜Residency by Correspondenceā€™ Programme (with entitlement to re-pairing as and when necessary).
  • The opportunity to have your work selected by interesting independent curators as part of a rolling exhibitions schedule.
  • Opportunity to be included in aTE publications.
  • Opportunity to apply for ā€˜face to faceā€™ subsidised residency programmes
  • Opportunity to apply for travel and work development funds as and when they are available.
  • An artist profile on our website with links to your website/social media.
  • Promotion of your work in the form of blog articles and social media posts (in consultation with you).

Contact with any questions.

Images show documentation from our recent Residency in Sustainable Practice in Northern Italy (image credit to Beatrice Lopez) and material from our archive.