Call for Expressions of Interest: Public Art Murals in Downtown Bracebridge

Request for Expressions of Interest for Public Art:
Downtown Murals

The Town of Bracebridge and the Bracebridge Business Improvement Area (BIA) are inviting professional artists or an artist team (hereinafter referred to as “artist(s)” to submit an Expression of Interest (EOI) for the creation of outdoor murals to be installed at the Norwood Theatre.

The term “murals” that will be used throughout this Expression of Interest (EOI) is defined as a large scale outdoor public art installation created directly on panels that can be affixed to a wall of a building. The mural cannot be painted directly on the wall of the building.

The murals should be colourful to bring vibrancy to Downtown Bracebridge. Below is a summary of desired subject matter and content to avoid:

Desired subject matter:

  • Reflect the spirit of Muskoka
  • Muskoka’s natural landscape and outdoor features
  • Local wildlife
  • Indigenous art

Content to avoid:

  • Downtown buildings and urban scenes
  • Historic architecture

Artist(s) are requested to submit a proposal that includes a total of three (3) murals. These murals are proposed to be affixed to the exterior wall of the Norwood Theatre. All three (3) murals should have a consistent artistic style and theme.

The three (3) murals should each measure 14 feet wide by 16 feet high.

Please review the Request for Expressions of Interest for Public Art: Downtown Murals document for detailed proposal requirements.

The Town of Bracebridge is a vibrant community nestled in the ‘Heart of Muskoka’, connected by mesmerizing waterfalls and historic streets in the Downtown BIA. Located about two hours north of Toronto, Bracebridge is home to approximately 17,300 permanent residents and an additional 7,700 residents during the summer cottage season.

There is a spirit that thrives in the small town, from arts and culture to endless outdoor adventures, incredible shopping and unique culinary experiences, and the friendliest of people.

The murals are proposed to be affixed to the wall on the North-facing side of the Norwood Theatre in Downtown Bracebridge.

The three (3) murals cannot be painted directly on the wall of the building. The mural should be painted on materials supplied by the artist and then will be installed on the wall by the Town of Bracebridge.

This EOI is open to all professional artists and artistic styles. We encourage local artists with experience creating outdoor murals to submit a proposal.

The budget for this public art project is $15,000.

All EOI submissions must include the following information as outlined below:

  • EOI Submission Form
  • Theme/Subject Matter
  • Visual Concept
  • Materials/Maintenance/Lifespan
  • Timeline
  • Breakdown of Costs
  • Artists’ Experience
  • Samples of Past Work
  • References

Artist(s) are invited to submit their EOI proposal by email to on or before Friday, February 17, 2023, at 4:30pm, with the subject: Public Art EOI – Downtown Murals.

Submissions received after the closing time and date will not be accepted.

All EOI proposals must be submitted electronically in a single combined PDF format, not to exceed 10MB in size.

Please review all components of the Request for EOI document and ensure that your proposal includes all of the submission requirements as per the “EOI Submission Checklist” in Appendix “B”. Failure to make a full submission will result in the EOI proposal being considered incomplete and rejected as informal.

Ciara Ryan, Tourism and Culture Development Officer, at or 705-645-5264 ext. 3512.