Call for Expressions of Interest: Public Art Installation at Muskoka Lumber Community Centre, Bracebridge

Call for Expressions of Interest:
Large-scale Public Art Installation in Bracebridge, Ontario

Artists’ Opportunity
The Town of Bracebridge is inviting professional artists to submit an Expression of Interest (EOI) for the creation of a large-scale public art installation to be located at the Muskoka Lumber Community Centre (currently under construction) in Bracebridge, Ontario. Three locations for public art have been identified at the facility; one exterior and two interior.

This EOI is open to all professional artists and artistic teams.

The budget for this public art project is $95,000.

Proposal Deadline
Artists must submit their EOI proposal on or before Friday, September 29, 2023, at 3:00pm.

Installation Deadline
The completed installation date of the selected artwork will occur no later than June 30, 2024.

Location Options
There are three (3) public art installation location options that have been identified at the Muskoka Lumber Community Centre, one (1) of which is exterior, and two (2) of which are interior. Each location has different characteristics and parameters that will be suitable for a specific type of artwork. Artists submitting an EOI must select one (1) location for their proposal. Full descriptions, characteristics and measurements for each location are outlined in our Request for Expressions of Interest document.

Location A

Location A refers to an outdoor area adjacent to the storm water management pond. Suitable artwork for this location would be a large-scale three (3) dimensional installation, such as a sculpture.

The maximum size of the installation area is eight (8) metres by twelve (12) metres. This area will allow for clearance of two (2) metres on all sides from both the edge of the storm water management pond and surrounding tree drip lines.

Location B

Location B refers to an area in the main entrance lobby, suspended from the ceiling. Suitable artwork for this location would be a suspended three (3) dimensional installation.

The maximum size of the installation area is five point four (5.4) metres by seven point two (7.2) metres, with a maximum hanging measurement of five point one (5.1) metres. This area will allow for a minimum clearance of two (2) metres on either side and three point two (3.2) metres to the ground floor below.

The maximum weight of the artwork, including all materials required for suspending the artwork from the anchors, is five thousand (5,000) kilograms. There are ten (10) contact points where anchors could be installed on the lobby ceiling. Each anchor would be capable of supporting a maximum weight of five hundred (500) kilograms per anchor. Artists will work with their engineer to determine how many anchors are needed to install the artwork and will consult with the building architect to coordinate which of the ten (10) contact points require anchors. The building team will then install anchors on the specified contact points in preparation for installation.

Location C

Location C refers to an area in the library mounted to a row of north facing windows. Suitable artwork for this location would be transparent to allow light to penetrate through from the window, such as stained or etched glass. Artwork for this location will be installed directly on the window.

The maximum size of the installation area is seven point eight (7.8) metres long by three point two (3.2) metres tall.

The artwork should bring vibrancy to Muskoka Lumber Community Centre and reflect the spirit of Muskoka. The desired public art installation will:

  • Be a large-scale installation;
  • Reflect the spirit of community and community belonging;
  • Be an iconic representation of the community centre;
  • Speak to the Muskoka look and feel;
  • Reflect the integrity of the architectural design including;
  • Inspiration from the natural landscape;
  • Inspiration from local craft; and/or
  • History and industry.

Community Context
The Town of Bracebridge is a vibrant community nestled in the ‘Heart of Muskoka’, connected by mesmerizing waterfalls and historic streets. Located about two hours north of Toronto, Bracebridge is home to approximately 17,300 permanent residents and an additional 7,700 residents during the summer cottage season.

There is a spirit that thrives in the small town, from arts and culture to endless outdoor adventures, incredible shopping and unique culinary experiences, and the friendliest of people.

To receive the Request for EOI document with detailed instructions, please email to register as a Document Taker. Registration as a Document Taker is mandatory to ensure all relevant information (i.e. addenda) is received by respondents.

Taylor Watson, Tourism and Culture Development Officer, at or 705-645-5264 ext. 3514.