Call for BIPOC Creatives: Museums of Mississauga Exhibition Project

Benares Historic House

Call for BIPOC Creatives: Museum Exhibition Project

The Museums of Mississauga welcomes local creatives who identify as Black, Indigenous or Person(s) of Colour to develop a history or heritage-themed exhibition project that engages with the community and centres the voices of peoples historically silenced in colonial spaces.

This initiative is part of the ongoing commitment to confront the legacy of museums and cultural institutions as traditionally white, colonial spaces with Eurocentric curatorial practices. We are listening to feedback that tells us that City spaces can be unwelcoming, unsafe and hostile environments that do not reflect diverse experiences. By sharing history, culture and art, that reflects the community as well as hiring and working with BIPOC artists and cultural workers, we hope to begin to take steps towards addressing systemic racism and building awareness of racism issues within our areas of influence. We are striving to create welcoming and inclusive facilities that reflect the diversity of our entire community in all of our programming 365 days a year.

The Opportunity
The Museums of Mississauga invite local creatives to develop a history or heritage-themed exhibition project to be delivered in 2023. The exhibition project must include a community engagement component to ensure that the voices of Mississauga residents are reflected in the exhibition project. This could include but is not limited to:

  • public programming
  • focus groups
  • creative workshops
  • community consultation
  • guided tours

Bradley Museum

This call is open to Mississauga residents who identify as Black, Indigenous, or Person(s) of Colour. The successful applicant must have demonstrated experience with:

  • Working in the creative realm with relevant project experience
  • The development and execution of community exhibitions, public programming, etc.
  • Knowledge and experience collaborating with, and engaging with the community
  • Strong project management skills
  • Mobilizing and executing creative projects in a community setting
  • Involving community members in the creation of community exhibitions, public
  • Programming, theatre production, film, dance, etc., through collaboration, production and/or dialogue

Submissions will be open until October 30, 2022, with judging completed in November, selected applicants notified in December 2022, and the project reveal occurring in 2023.

Learn more about the opportunity here and apply now through the application form.

For more information, consider registering for an open house session with the Museums team.


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