Call for Artists: Brampton Fire and Emergency Services Memorial Project

Call for Artists: Brampton Fire and Emergency Services Memorial Project

Deadline: March 31, 2023 at 2:00 pm EST

The City of Brampton, Ontario, invites professional artists and artist-led teams to submit proposals to create a new Brampton Fire and Emergency Services Memorial.

The Memorial will honour Brampton’s fire and emergency services workers who have made the ultimate sacrifice in the line of duty. The Memorial site will be at the new Brampton Fire and Emergency Services Headquarters and Training Centre (BFES HQ-TC) located at 425 Chrysler Drive, Brampton, Ontario, Canada. The building was completed in the fall of 2022, with the Memorial Garden and landscape scheduled for completion in the fall of 2024.

Fire and emergency services workers face inherent dangers in the course of their duties that can, unfortunately, lead to the loss of their lives. Over 1,300 firefighters have died in the line of duty since 1848, according to the Canadian Fallen Firefighters Foundation. Remember, honour and support are widely regarded as the three pillars to recognize the line of duty deaths (LODDs) in the fire service.

Project Description
The City is seeking an Artist to design, fabricate, transport and install the Memorial, which must be comprised of two key elements:

  1. The Main Artwork – located in the Memorial Garden
  2. The Wayfinding Pillar – located close to the main entrance of the BFES HQ-TC building.

The Main Artwork must meet the following scope criteria:

  • The Main Artwork must be a bronze sculpture of human figure(s) that realistically depicts fire and emergency services workers that inclusively reflects the Brampton Fire and Emergency Services Department as described in section 2 Background and Appendix A of this document. This could be portrayed in a scene of fire and emergency services workers in action, or in a moment of reflection and remembrance.
  • The figures of the firefighters should reflect diversity and inclusion of gender, background, and other considerations.
  • The Main Artwork must include a place to engrave the names of current and future LODDs that have served in the Brampton Fire and Emergency Services Department.
  • The Main Artwork must include lighting to illuminate the piece at night (this may be part of the Main Artwork itself or integrated into its base). The City will provide the infrastructure to support lighting of the Main Artwork.
  • The Main Artwork must be designed to have a central focal point facing the patios of the Memorial Garden (see Appendix B: Landscape Plan) that may be appreciated during ceremonies and events. The Main Artwork should also be designed so that viewers may experience it in 360 degrees – they can walk around the Main Artwork and view it from any vantage point.

The Wayfinding Pillar
Located by the entrance of the Administration and Training Centre, the Wayfinding Pillar should also be crafted from bronze and serve as a connection element to the Main Artwork, artistically mirroring and supporting its design. The intention of this pillar is to capture the attention of visitors coming to the main entrance of the building and direct them towards the Main Artwork. The Wayfinding Pillar may be connected to the Main Artwork by a garden, pathway or low wall (to be determined).

Additional Considerations
Artists are asked to consider the following in preparing concept proposals:

  • Proposed materials should be suitable for a lasting outdoor public monument.
  • Construction of any freestanding monuments or sculptural artwork must conform to the Ontario Building Code and any other governing Authorities having jurisdiction.
  • The Artist is responsible for all regulatory approvals in the design, fabrication and construction of the Memorial elements.
  • The proposed concept must be able to shed water (avoiding problems of water build-up and infiltration), be durable and constructed of materials resistant to oxidation and corrosion.
  • The proposed concept should be designed to minimize the potential for defacement, graffiti, or vandalism.
  • The proposed concept must not have components that are sharp, easily climbable or encourage climbing.
  • The proposed concept must not interfere with grounds maintenance, including snow removal during winter months.
  • The artwork must be designed to be engaging to the viewer and barrier-free and accessible.

Submissions will first be reviewed and vetted by the City’s Public Art Officer to ensure eligibility, based on the evaluation criteria outlined in this Call for Artist Submissions. Concept Proposals from eligible submissions will then be reviewed by the BFES Memorial Committee, who will shortlist three (3) Artists or Artist Teams. The BFES Memorial Committee will be comprised of project stakeholders, with the support of technical and other advisors as required.

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