Call for Applications: Rooting – New Media Education Program

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Call for Applications: Rooting
Black, Indigenous, and Disability Communities in New Media

Please submit by: Nov 1, 2022 (application accommodations available, see below)
See here for the full call for applications.

Want to get paid to take workshops and learn from new media experts?

Rooting is a PAID 6-month new media skills development initiative for artist educators who identify as Black, Indigenous, disabled, or having a disability. It is an online, small-group program with options for asynchronous participation. The initiative is part of Rhizomatic Pedagogies (RP), an InterAccess-led program supported by the Canada Council for the Arts’ Digital Now fund.

Successful applicants will be welcomed into an 8-person cohort with weekly workshops led by Black, Indigenous, and disabled experts in new media. Workshops will not only be FREE for cohort members; if accepted, you will be paid a CA$2,000.00 stipend.

Applicants do not need to specialize in new media.

We are looking for participants who…

  • Are artist educators*
  • Identify as Black, Indigenous, disabled, or having a disability*
  • Have experience fostering knowledge within their local communities*
  • Want to develop their new media skills
  • Are interested in peer-to-peer learning with other artists who are from Black, Indigenous, and/or Disability arts communities
  • International applications welcome; please note our capacity to provide program accommodations to non-local participants differs from that of local participants.

* Required

Program Timeline

  • Nov–Dec 2022 | Selected participants notified and onboarded
  • Jan–Jun 2023 | Program duration

Program Benefits

For the duration of the program, participants will receive the following:

  • CA$2,000.00 stipend for successful applicants; 50% paid out at the beginning of the program (Dec 2022), the rest paid out at program’s end (June 2023)
  • Free access to InterAccess’s online workshops (regular, non-RP programming)
  • Access to closed-group workshops led by Black, Indigenous, and disability-identifying new media experts
  • Additional mentorship and support from RP Project Manager and former Education & Outreach Coordinator, Belinda Kwan

For a detailed overview of the timeline, activities, and benefits, visit our website.

Technological/Accessibility Considerations

The real-time workshops will run online on Zoom.

  • All Zoom workshops will be recorded, with captions using
  • Transcripts and recordings will be shared with participants.
  • Participants can choose to receive the transcripts and recordings via:
    ◦  Google Drive
    ◦  Email
    ◦  WeTransfer
    ◦  YouTube (via unlisted video)
    ◦  By mail, via USB, at the end of program
  • We acknowledge that will not always produce accurate transcripts. To make up for potential inaccuracies, InterAccess staff will take notes during each workshop and send them to all cohort members.
  • Participants with limited Internet access may call into workshops via telephone.

Some workshops may require specialized hardware/software and strong Internet connection. To mitigate technological barriers:

  • Cohort members based in Toronto may:
    ◦  Borrow laptops from InterAccess free of charge.
    ◦  Use InterAccess’s Internet in-studio.
  • Participants with limited access to technological requirements may keep the seminar recordings for future reference and use (i.e. when stronger Internet connection and the technology in question are available).
  • Participants are able to flexibly book 1-on-1 Google Meet, Zoom, or phone call meetings with the RP Project Manager to receive additional educational support, with booking options during select weekends and evenings.

For a longer list of accommodation options, visit our website.

How to Apply

Click on the method of application that works best for you.

Accommodations or Application Questions

Need an extension, or want to give a heads up about a late submission, or require specific accommodations? Pick one of the following options:

To increase the accessibility of this program, we will consider ALL applications, including those that are late and incomplete. However, please note that will be a point where we must stop taking applications and move forward with the process. Our website will be updated when the application process is closed.

Compensation for Application

In recognition of the labour required to apply, all eligible applicants who submit before the application process closes will receive a voucher for free registration to an InterAccess workshop.

About Rhizomatic Pedagogies

Recognizing the shortage of multi-level and self-sustaining educational programming in the media arts sector, RP seeks to cross-pollinate new media leadership and innovation in Black, Indigenous, & Disability Arts communities.

The goals of RP are as follows:

  1. To improve the accessibility and efficacy of InterAccess’s and the broader new media community’s online education offerings by undergoing deep research and training on online instructional design, accessibility, project management, conflict resolution, and anti-oppression from Jan–Nov 2022 (11 months) and transferring this knowledge into documents and resources that will be piloted and tested in Goals #2 and #3.
  2. To foreground the new media leadership and innovation coming from Black, Indigenous, & Disability Arts communities and make it accessible online by presenting an online public program from Jan 2023–Jun 2023 (6 months)—Propagating.
  3. To apply the research, training, and resulting resources from Goal #1 by piloting a six-month, two-part new media arts education program developed specifically for Black, Indigenous, and Disability arts audiences, from Jan 2023–Jun 2023 (6 months)⁠—Rooting.


Founded in 1983, InterAccess is a gallery, educational facility, production studio, festival, and registered charity dedicated to new media and emerging practices in art and technology. Our programs support art forms that integrate technology, fostering and supporting the full cycle of art and artistic practice through education, production, and exhibition. InterAccess is regarded as a preeminent Canadian arts and technology centre.


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Image description: Undulating white lines and circles overlap each other on a black background. There are dots on some of these lines, like nodes on a network.