Call for Applications: 2024 Media & Design Innovation PhD at Toronto Metropolitan University

Media & Design Innovation PhD
A practice-based doctoral program at Toronto Metropolitan University

Uniquely positioned within The Creative School in Toronto Metropolitan University, the program is supported by a faculty of researchers, artists and scholars committed to reimagining media, design and the creative industries – a creative ecosystem like no other.

Placing creativity at the heart of learning

Embark on a transformative journey where creativity takes center stage! Our program is meticulously crafted for visionary makers and scholar-practitioners, nurturing graduates into intellectually agile professionals with a profound knack for groundbreaking innovation and effective problem-solving.

Practice-Based Methodology for Real-World Impact

Dive into a unique learning experience, our PhD in Media & Design Innovation is tailored for those eager to explore research questions through hands-on practice. We emphasize student-led queries, allowing you to generate tangible solutions through creative projects and contextual writing. With flexibility spanning the entire creative landscape, from practice and planning to prototyping, you’ll unleash your creativity while engaging with a diverse range of industry experts. Collaborate on groundbreaking projects, explore emerging technologies, and leave your mark in your chosen creative medium.

Research areas within the program are diverse

  • Experimental modes of storytelling and user interaction
  • Digital fashion design and fabrication
  • Curation and contemporary exhibition practices
  • Innovation in music production and distribution
  • Creative technology development and prototyping
  • New models of journalistic dissemination
  • Among numerous other areas of creative media practice

Access a Thriving Creative Ecosystem in Downtown Toronto

Immerse yourself in innovation: our program thrives on collaboration and is enriched by unparalleled access to The Creative School’s dynamic ecosystem in downtown Toronto. Connect with leading scholars and creative minds, leveraging state-of-the-art labs, incubators, and global hubs. As a bonus, seize the opportunity to complete an optional internship aligned with your research project, providing real-world application to your academic journey.

Accepting Applications for Fall 2024

First Consideration Deadline*: January 19, 2024
* Submitting by the first consideration deadline guarantees consideration for the program and admissions funding. Applications will continue to be accepted until the program has filled all available spots in the program and the waitlist.

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