C Magazine Launches Issue 156: Craft

C156 Craft cover image: Akash Inbakumar, behind the scenes of Era of the Moon: Phases filming, 2023. Photo: Shaza Tariq El-Nour. ©, courtesy of the artist.

C Magazine Launches Issue 156 CRAFT (Winter 2024)

The winter 2024 issue of C Magazine, C156 Craft, connects artists with their materials, focussing on the relationships among craft and ideas such as lineage, identity, embodiment, function and survival. Thinking across and beyond media and genre, the artists and writers in C156 offer an expansive and elastic understanding of craft that embraces embodied contexts, the consequences of making, and the meanings objects assume as they circulate in the world.

Features, interviews, and experimental texts in this issue follow craft as it moves within families, across diasporas, and through local and global markets. Contributors consider what is at stake as the fine art market embraces craft, explore how the movement of objects and people stitches Latinx identities together, weave together myth, memory, and music to observe patterns between art and life, and engage vernacular photography to elaborate craft-as-vessel for holding and defining individuals and communities alike.

The cover for this issue is a behind-the-scenes image from the filming of Akash Inbakumar’s Era of the Moon: Phases. In their interview with Holly Chang, Inbakumar describes their practice as building worlds with material kin. Conceiving of a dynamic in which artist, materials, and equipment are all active agents, Inbakumar tells Chang, “It’s up to the maker to develop a […] vernacular of working with something over time, to understand the language of that entity or being.”

As the Artist Project for C156, Trevor Novak’s Exploratory Touch animates the first six pages of the issue, casting the classic nude subject in what guest curator matt lambert describes as cheerfully abject “surrealist predicaments and colours.” The bodies figured in Exploratory Touch recall the entanglement of the artist’s own body-as-maker, and rely on “the elasticity and metaphors of the word ‘craft’” as they shift in medium from ceramic to digital rendering.

Trevor Novak, Exploratory Touch, 2023. Courtesy of the artist.

Read the editorial for C156 Craft, by C Magazine’s Editor Joy Xiang, check out select additional articles available online, and preview the features in C156 below.


Responses to C Magazine Issue 155 “Codes.”
— from Marcus Prasad and Vanessa Maria


Francesca Bennett’s 2023 C New Critics Award Winning review of Woojae Kim’s “With a heart that sings the stars, I will love all things dying” at dreams comma delta, Delta BC.


As the C156 entry for Tilling, a column dedicated to equity initiatives in the Canadian arts community, Shalaka Jadhav and Suzanne Morrissette interview Luther Konadu about the newly launched Centre for Cultural and Artistic Practice in Winnipeg, where as director he plans to enage “a larger community that may not consider itself to be in the arts.”

C155 Features:

The Moon and Material Kin: Interview with Akash Inbakumar
— Holly Chang

Marking Time Spent Absurdly
— Anni Araújo Spadafora with contributions by D. St-Amour

Love Made Object
— Amanda Shore

Mercado de Artesanías: Crafting Latinx Identity
— Javier Fuentes Martinez

Weaving Through the Binary: Qualeasha Wood’s Textile Inheritances
— Salena Barry

Different Things in Different Scenes: Encountering Ichi-go Ichi-e in Tea
— Jasmine Gui

Yee I-Lann, Measuring Project: Chapter One (detail), 2021. Courtesy of the artist and Silverlens.

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