BlackFlash: End of Summer Wrap-up and Fall Preview 2022

BlackFlash: End of Summer Wrap-up and Fall Preview

As the end of summer (slowly) approaches, we are reflecting on the past six months of BlackFlash programming and getting excited for what is still to come.

BlackFlash Expanded
Earlier this year, with the assistance of funding from the Canada Council for the Arts’ Digital Now program, we launched BlackFlash Expanded. We reached the halfway point of our inaugural year this summer and invite you to look back to four writers whose works help us to consider new approaches within arts dissemination, exhibition, and education.

Mahlet Cuff’s response to Younger than Beyoncé’s Thinking of You care packages helped launch the Expanded project, highlighting our dedication to looking closer at projects that utilize new strategies for approaching the complicated moment we’re living in.

Steph Wong Ken’s deeply moving response to the Fragments of Epic Memory exhibition at the Art Gallery of Ontario helps remind us of the penetrating power of the gaze inherent within museums and cultural spaces. Through her carefully considered prose, Wong Ken highlights the need to look not only at works on exhibition within galleries, but also at the spaces themselves and the impacts they have on the ways in which we experience artwork.

Godfre Leung’s To hear all the cars not honking offers a close-up look to the ongoing racist convoys occupying our city streets and the lack of visibility surrounding their impacts: especially on racialized communities. Leung’s exhibition and text provide a much needed space for respite.

Jasmine Sihra looks to Mootookakio’ssin, a digital collection of Blackfoot items that emphasizes knowledge sharing and community building as strategies for fostering connections across both history and kinship networks.

Collectively, these texts record the complex times we are living in; at the same time, they point toward the power that the artistic sector might have—to not simply acknowledge the times we live in, but also, through conversation and action, to hold them as critical. Art can help us to imagine better futures; these texts illustrate how important it is to not only reflect the moment, but to help find a way through it. We’re looking forward to the many texts and artist projects to come; each hold these concerns and considerations at their centre.

This fall, BlackFlash Expanded will be publishing works by: Holly Aubichon, Meganelizabeth Diamond, Mariana Muñoz Gomez, Spencer Martin, Taylor McArthur, Rehab Nazzal, Cecily Ou, Jaz Papadopoulos, Angeline Simon, Alma Visscher, Lauren Warrington, Nic Wilson, as well as continuing contributions from Steph Wong Ken, Jayne Wilkinson, Mahlet Cuff, and more.

Images (left to right): Issue 39.1 cover: Carrie Perreault, Making Lucien Durey’s Baba’s Pierogies, 2021. Image courtesy of the artist. Issue 39.2 cover: Zachary Ayotte, Untitled from “Notes on Digging a Hole,” 2020. Image courtesy of the artist.

BlackFlash Magazine
BlackFlash Magazine’s Fall 2022 editorial program considers the environment, relating to both the physical ecology and social structures that surround us. Although nature has always been unpredictable and at times, incredibly destructive, the anthropocene has permanently disrupted the fine balance that has allowed the living world to thrive. Through conversations about agricultural systems, camping, monster plants, and the aesthetics of food, these works explore the myriad of ways that we can still connect with and advocate for the natural world. Within the issue, you will find writing by Amanda White, Neil Price, and Christina Hajjar as well as the work of Zoë Schneider, Lido Pimienta, Lan Florence Yee, Yan Wen Chang, and Zachary Ayotte. Subscribe today and you’ll receive our Fall issue fresh off the presses!

Each article from our Spring/Summer 2022 is now available online, including features Orchard: Field Notes for a Public Sculpture, Permanently in Progress by Diane Borsato, The Red Shift: Forming a Contemporary Indigenous Art Space by Michael Peterson, and From Smashed Potatoes to Bolo de Aipim: Artists in their Kitchens by Carrie Perreault, and profiles on Leonard Suryajaya by Luther Konadu, Preston Pavlis by Farid Djamalov, WeAreHere.FM by Cléo Sallis Parchet, and Sean Weisgerber by Cole Thompson.

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