BEYOND: Korean & Canadian Arts Exchange Exhibition

Commemoration for the Year of Cultural Exchanges Between Canada and Korea

Korean & Canadian Arts Exchange Exhibition BEYOND

April 17 – 27, 2024
Opening Reception: April 19, 5 – 8pm
Dignam Gallery, Women’s Art Association of Canada, Toronto
Gallery Hours: Tuesday to Sunday, 11am – 5pm

In recognition of the 60th anniversary of the establishment of diplomatic relations between Canada and Korea, both governments designated 2024-2025 as the year of Canada and Korea Cultural Exchanges. OIS ART OF CANADA hosts the Korean & Canadian Arts Exchange Exhibition BEYOND to commemorate the year of Canada-Korea Cultural Exchanges.

The exhibition will feature artworks such as abstract, surrealism, oriental painting, sculpture, NFT art, and pottery by 10 artists from South Korea, and 10 artists from diverse communities in Canada who will lead the future of art and culture in both countries. Under the theme of “Beyond”, the exhibition will introduce both countries’ remarkable art worlds beyond the nation, race, culture, and era. It will provide an opportunity for the public to understand intercultural artistic creativity and diversity. It will also boost cultural and artistic exchange activities between Canada and Korea.

Participating Artists

Jung Geun Park | Kyoungha Kim | Seoun Gang Kim | Young Tae Ra | Jae Yun Lee | Sophie Oh | Jung- A Ho | Min-gyeong Ji | Minkyoung Kim | Hayun Lim | James Paterson | Janet H. Cozens | Joshua Simpson | Andrew C. Sookrah | Dominique Prévost | Andie Trépanier | Myra Evans | Adam Archer | VOIDZ | Cynthia Csanyi


OIS ART OF CANADA is a not-for-profit arts organization based in Toronto, Canada. The organization has focused on promoting and exchanging art and culture between Korea and Canada by various seminars, workshops, performances, and exhibitions since established in 2018. The goal of OIS ART OF CANADA is to foster international creative exchanges, deepen understanding across cultures, and create ties between Canada and Korea with art. The organization has created opportunities for building and maintaining sustainable connections between the two countries by providing artistic exchange programs, collaborative exhibitions, and traditional art workshops.


Dignam Gallery
23 Prince Arthur Avenue
Toronto, ON M5R 1B2

Accessibility: Dignam Gallery is not accessible. For more information, visit

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