Ben Benedict: Variations in Landscape

SATELLiTE Project Space

Ben Benedict, Coming Storm, 2024, Mixed Media Assemblage. Photo: Ben Benedict

Ben Benedict
Variations in Landscape

July 17 – 27, 2024
Opening Reception: Thursday, July 18 2024, 5 – 7 pm
SATELLiTE Project Space, London

SATELLiTE Project Space and Ben Benedict are honoured to invite you to Variations in Landscape from July 17 – 27, 2024 at the SATELLiTE Project Space.

Ben Benedict presents a critical exploration of the Landscape Genre, drawing upon the history of art making in Southwestern Ontario as a Bricoleur (Mixed Media Artist) working in the London Regionalist Tradition. Artworks range from small intimate scenes to large Master Works.

“My artistry is constructed from a wide range of materials,” says Benedict, “and draws upon my experiences and memory as well as the vast history of art making. My focus is on the process of exploring and in this case, those efforts are focused on Landscape.”

With over 32 years of professional creativity, this exhibit calls upon that history as a Bricoleur working in the London Regionalist Tradition. Benedict’s creativity is informed by the London Regionalist Movement with a focus on found materials from his daily activities around his home and travels. Additionally, the critical components of Memory, Object Relations Theories, Structural Linguistics, and Semiotics. The use of found objects, deconstructed materials and narratives, completes this process. Subjects range from abstraction to gender/LGBTQ2+ issues, along with the focus of this exhibition: the environment/landscape, adopting increasingly an activist message.

Benedict’s interest in landscapes began with the Philip Aziz Foundation of Art when, with a trip down London’s Thames River completed by William Lees Judson and Paul Peel in 1877 from London’s Fork of the Thames River to Lighthouse Cove at Lake St. Clair, was recreated in 2007. While this is where this journey began, the works presented in this exhibition are a culmination of a focused and critical exploration undertaken over the past three years.

Ben Benedict, Door Kicked In, 2022, Acrylic on Collaged Paper. Photo: Ben Benedict

“I am applying a critical lens to the language and iconography around a signifier – the Canadian Landscape,” says Benedict, “By deconstructing those signified concepts, I am challenging viewers notion of contemporary social constructions around our understanding of Landscape in all its iterations consistent with my artistry. This exhibition is the summary of that investigation.”

The exhibit is accompanied by a critical essay with the focus on provenance and originality. In this case, ‘landscape’ – its history, methodology, and critical understanding of its contemporary use, and how should an artist respond to this historical reality of Landscape in Canadian Art. In this, Benedict draws a historical link from Homer Watson (1855–1936), through the Group of Seven, to the London Regionalist, to finally inserting his efforts into this lineage of original Ontario Artists as the next in line of London’s Regionalist movement as its champion and current purveyor – developing his own form of London’s Regionalism while moving this dialogue forward.. The goal is to produce an Exhibition Catalogue with introductory essay by Madeline Lennon, Professor Emerita, Western University.

This project is fiscally supported in part by Exhibition Assistance funding from the Ontario Arts Council. Thank you.

Ben Benedict is a Master Communicator & Visual Artist with over 32 years professional experience in exhibiting, curating, and marketing of his art along with the designing of invitations for his projects. As a cultural leader rooted in London’s Regionalism, Ben Benedict is an active and engaged visual artist with a growing portfolio and reputation including earning a Bachelor of Fine Art degree from the University of Western Ontario, London, ON in 1993 and a Master of Arts in Communications from Mount Saint Vincent University, Halifax, NS in 2017. Additionally, Ben Benedict is a Decorated Veteran, receiving the Canada Pride Citation from the Chief of Defence, National Defence Canada (2020) for his service.


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