Pink Dragon, Carol SL Mark, NFT, 2023

is a term of affinity, association and kinship

February 17 – March 5, 2023 (Friday – Sunday, 12-5 PM)
183 Art Gallery, Toronto

Opening Reception: February 17, 2023, 5-9 PM
Celebrate With Dumplings: February 18, 2023, 1-3 PM
The Art of Tea Blending: February 25, 2023, 1-3 PM
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…but the Chinese have experienced challenges in Canada since the 1850’s, and then the Exclusion Act barred anyone of Chinese origin from entering Canada (1923-1947). Very recently, there has been a sharp rise of hate crimes targeting the Chinese, triggered by covid.

As a Chinese Canadian, Carol SL Mark explores and examines how Chinese artistic voices of belonging connect in Canada, today. Where is the place they call home and how does it connect them to where they will be in the future, and how is it seen, now?

CURATOR: Carol SL Mark

ARTISTS: Ash Cong-Bowers, Anson Ng, KV Duong, Anson Ng, Mia Yu Kitty, Jenny Zhang, Dawat Yan Project (Mariam Magsi and Eric Chengyang)

Model Head No 1, Mia Yu Kitty, Oil on Canvas, 40 X 30″, 2022

The significance of a contemporary Chinese art exhibit about BELONGING only became apparent to Carol through the deaths of two family elders, an uncle in New York and her mother in Toronto. Histories that had been buried as family secrets, began to rise into the light. She began to ask herself, “Do I truly belong here, even though I was born here?” Growing up she had been exposed to the Chinese culture of food and habits, but without any cultural history connecting her to Canada or to China. There was no connection-no belonging. It felt like being a ghost, un-rooted, not unlike the bachelor railway labourers who had been stranded in Canada without family because of the Exclusion Act.

Paper Cutouts, Jenny Zhang, Paper, 2022

During covid, Carol thought more and more of her grandfather’s occupation of owning a hand laundry and eventually an 18 room rooming house in the Ward. It was a very hard life, a life of sacrifice that she has benefitted from. Carol wanted to pay an homage to the sacrifice of that generation. It was important to her because she is one of the last witnesses of the generation that was affected by the Exclusion Act 1923-1947, the legal document that said that no one of Asian descent was allowed into Canada. The Act was racism turned into law, and effectively separated families for decades and destroyed them.

Through the BELONGING art exhibit, Carol Mark hopes to bridge and heal the past in the present, and to support younger Chinese artists to the benefit of present and future generations.

Deep End, KV Duong, Oil and Transfer on 300 gsm paper, 8 X 12″ approx, 2022

THE PINK DRAGON SEED FUND to launch of private support/funding for Asian voices 2023

“If we do not to invest in our history, it will be blown away in the wind and will be no more.”—Carol Sing Lun Mark

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CALL to introduce BELONGING – from Chinese Laundry Stories of Migration and Sacrifice to the contemporary to include voices on an open submission for Asian artists in each major city for an across Canada exhibit.

BELONGING EXHIBIT will be travelling across Canada to exhibit at venues, purchase of NFT will fund transportation, installation costs.

PINK DRAGON, 3000 edition, $17 each


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