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Image by German Andino

Rise Up and Talk: West Nile
Hosted by storyteller and community activist Richard Akim, Rise Up and Talk: Refugee Radio is a podcast series made by people living in one of the world’s largest refugee camps in Uganda. In this ongoing series, Akim invites us inside the camp to hear the non-factionalized conversations and solutions-focused ideas from the perspective of refugees. Listen now


Photo of Jane Shi by Divya Nanray

MAID in Canada: a radical response to changes in medically assisted dying
While Canada has had medical assistance in dying (MAID) legislation in place since 2016, recent amendments to the law have expanded the potential use of MAID into territory that could contravene the human rights of disabled people. Disability advocate Aislinn Thomas and poet Jane Shi offer a detailed and persuasive outline of the dangers of Bill C-7 and the thinking behind it.


Image by Somsanouk Inthongsai

The Secret War in Laos: Tragedy at Tham Piew
Under the threat of daily bombings from US planes, hundreds of villagers tried to rebuild their lives in the deep caves of Tham Piew while they waited for the assault to come to an end. In The Secret War in Laos, Somsanid Inthongsai recounts their story and the community’s tragic end.


Illustration by Ken Krimstein

Here Comes the Future: Learning from Zimbabwe
What do you read when books are a scant resource and the internet is priced out of your reach? In Zimbabwe, writer Nyasha Bhobo gets inspiration, community, news, and valuable research from the texts shared via WhatsApp across a vast network of writers and voracious readers. The latest in our ongoing series The Polity of Literature.

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