Artist Spotlight: 3rd Annual Forms, Faces & Spaces, figuratively speaking!

Collage by ecmunson

Spotlight on Exhibitors

May 1 – 31, 2024
Hanging concurrently at three venues in the Caledon and Halton Hills

This 3rd annual show is the featured exhibit of the inaugural Festival of ARTFUL Communities where an extravaganza of arts and cultural activities at the three galleries and other area venues will see visitors coming back multiple times to view the pieces from 60 exhibitors from across Canada.

As registered satellite sites of the 28th CONTACT Festival, permission was asked and given in 2022 to hang photography with other fine art. The eclectic mix of media enriches the voices of the photographers and other artists as they explored the universal theme of the human condition: “Who am I?, What is the meaning of life? How is meaning found amidst chaos and injustices?” The diversity of their lived experiences is rich while the threads of unity found amongst commonalities has yielded strong, passionate, poignant, and iconic images to hang.

Collage by ecmunson. Photos from Rolly Anstrom, Heather Bambrick, Paul Llew-Williams, ecmunson, Frank Myers

Participating Artists
Sixty artists from across Canada have had work juried into the 3rd annual show.

About the Artists
Some of the artists and featured photographers include Valerie May, an artist from Georgetown with her piece Throwing Shade which she “has dedicated to the quiet rebels who deserve to wear their red flowered bathing suits with pride”.

Valerie May, Throwing Shade

Robert Shoofey from Vancouver says, “Watercolour painting has become so rewarding that the more I paint, the more I discover…”. He is so excited about this year’s inaugural Festival of ARTFUL Communities, that he is planning to come east for a few weeks to enjoy the ambience of creative activities that abounds in these Hills of Caledon and Halton. Alan McCord, an established photographer had this to say about his submission to the 3rd annual show, Multiplicity – “In keeping with the exhibition’s theme of “Who Am I”, Multiplicity is a photographic piece created to try and convey the idea that I am an amalgam”. Another artist, Andrea Taylor, has entered a painting titled, Sliding Away, which she shares is about “… the delicate balance of holding onto moments and allowing them to slip through our grasp… this is the human experience”.

Sherry Prenevost’s Jubliation photographic print [archival inks and paper] is an arresting piece from her work in Sierra Leone of “Children’s expression of joy and community”.

Sherry Prenevost, Jubilation

Tiina Salo-Devries comments that her acrylic painting, Dreaming, is an “… expression of being. Balancing between the past and future, living in the present …”. While Laura Beaton shares that her acrylic painting, Water Logged, “… a Black and White abstract reflects life-sustaining water”. Debrah Hansen’s mixed media piece, The Ancestors, “… represents an exploration of our human roots and our inner connection with the cosmos”. From Quebec, Helene Montpetit’s provocative piece, Fudgesicle/Apocalypse, which is, “Inspired by recent wars, extreme climate events, and the medieval apocalypse tapestry, the painting contrasts the relaxed attitude of its main character with apocalyptic imagery…”. Helen Duplassie’s view of history with her painting, King Street, which is “… my version of King Street in the early 1900’s. As people change as time goes by so do our types of homes. Your type of home affects your interaction with other people”. Leo Dias’ sculptural work, Sounding the Alarm is a mixed media piece with imagery of owls “…and a forewarning of the decrease in species diversity due to the loss of habitat …”. Max Ocampo Estriba’s piece, The Council “… which served as one of my final works during college… it helped me realize how important it is to step back, unlearn, embrace the change for my own improvement”.

About the Organizers
Studio By Design is the registered business of ecmunson, passionate about photography and building community. Organizing pop-up studio galleries and the annual exhibit for the CONTACT Festival are projects that offer ways for people’s work to be known, appreciated, and enjoyed. Learn more here.

Adding to the 2024 May exhibit is the premiere Festival of ARTFUL Communities – done with the Ad Hoc Advisory Group, Judy Daley, Paul Llew-Williams, Marlon Porter, and Chuck Scott.

Introducing the Belfountain Heritage Society as the Co-Host of the festival where their site, the Melville White Church, will be the hub of Cameo Mini-Exhibits and presentations and one of three gallery sites.

Visual Arts Brampton is the main endorsing arts organization of the annual exhibit, FORMS, FACES & SPACES, figuratively speaking! Their motto, Encouraging Creativity, has made them a respected and acclaimed leader in their community. Learn more here.

Exhibition Programming

FORMS, FACES & SPACES, figuratively speaking!
May 1 – 26, 2024
Opening Reception: May 4, 1:30 – 4:00 pm
Pond Gallery, Alton Mill Arts Centre
1402 Queen Street West, Alton, ON L7K 0C4

FORMS, FACES & SPACES, figuratively speaking!
May 1 – 28, 2024
Opening Reception: May 20, 3:00 – 4:30 pm
Melville White Church
15962 Mississauga Rd, Caledon ON L7C 1W9

FORMS, FACES & SPACES, figuratively speaking!
May 1 – 31, 2024
Opening Reception: May 5, 1:00 – 4:30 pm
Halton Hills Cultural Centre
9 Church Street, Georgetown, ON L7G 2A3

Accessibility: The venues are fully accessible.

Studio By Design
Brampton, ON

Website | Facebook | Instagram

Image descriptions:
1. Collage by ecmunson: 2 paintings showing impressionistic figure drawing and abstracted portrait. 5 photographs showing reflection of figure in chrome taillight, a portrait of one person facing the camera and other with back turned, an elder female smoking a pipe, a young girl peeking out the window, an elder Salvadorean female portrait.
2. Collage by ecmunson: photographs of guitarist, drummer, bassist, dancer, speakers on panel, singer, pianist.
3. A colourful painting by Valerie May of a woman in a bathing suit.
4. A black and white photograph by Sherry Prenevost of happy children.