Artist Awards: Online Pelham Art Festival (PAF) 2023

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Perspective of Fall, Nora Morris

The PAF Online Award Recipients for 2023

Best of Celebrate Imagination 2023 Theme Award:
Perspective of Fall by Nora Morris

Captured last fall on a walking trail hidden beneath a bed of leaves, photographer Nora Morris used a lens ball to help achieve this unique image. Framed Ltd Ed. photographic image.

Best of Wild Animals & Pets Award:
On Guard by Lynn Cragg

A painting depicting her nephew’s Great Dane…’a gentle giant’, Cragg says. Working in a realistic style with somewhat loose brushstrokes for a painterly effect, she admits to ‘a passion for painting domestic and wild animals and bringing them to life on canvas’. Oil painting on canvas.

Home, Sheila Vander Wier

Best of Still Life Award:
Home by Sheila Vander Wier

You are invited to accompany the artist down memory lane to the taste of home…fresh homemade strawberry jam and maple syrup. Oil painting on canvas.

Best of Landscapes Award:
Muskoka Sunset by Jing Fu

Inspired by a fall hike in the Muskokas where she experienced a breathtaking view of a spectacular sunset from a mountain top, the artist sought to convey the beauty of that moment and the sense of wonder and appreciation it evoked through her painting. Framed oil painting on canvas.

Best of Figurative and Portraiture Award:
The Reading Girl by Nuria Cuerva Lopez

Enchanted by a mysterious statue of a reading girl in a beautiful garden on a rainy day, the artist started this painting ‘en plein air’ and finished it in her studio. Executed in a realistic style with a strong influence of impressionism, this vibrant and colourful oil painting on canvas is framed and ready to hang.

Bad Habits Lead To You, Jacki Higenbottam

Best of Painting Award:
Bad Habits Lead To You by Jacki Higenbottam

Textured landscape abstract is Jacki’s passion. The intuitive painting style reflects this artist’s energy in the movement of paint, sand and materials that she incorporates in a unique composition. Acrylic paint and sand.

Best of Cityscapes Award:
Two Gondolas, Venice by Natalia Shields

From the photographer’s canal city series, this image depicts a quiet moment of the day when two gondolas sit empty, waiting for gondoliers and passengers to tour Venice’s waterways amongst its ancient buildings…perhaps to create romantic memories for a lifetime. Framed archival Ltd. Ed. photographic image.

Best of 3D/Fine Craft & Design Award:
Gray Sky Birches by Angela Sirrs

A landscape in fused glass, this framed work features a stand of birch trees as its main subject. Designed using multiple layers of transparent and opaque glass to compose a collage, the piece was then fired in a kiln several times, creating the final artwork.

Neighbourhood #1, John Werlich

Best of Architecture Award:
Neighbourhood #1 by John Werlich

Sometimes artists just wanna have fun! The Wonky Village series was inspired by the Painted Ladies of Grimsby in the Niagara region. Hand cut and carved original paper mosaic using this artist’s unique technique.

Best of Photography Award:
Fall Fragments by Felicity Somerset

An intense and multi-layered image combining abstract elements, careful use of light and colour, while anchored by strong lines of tree branches, creates a mood of woodland mystery. Framed archival Ltd. Ed. photographic image.

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About Pelham Art Festivals:

Pelham Art Festivals (PAF) bring together contemporary visual artists, youth artists and artisans who showcase and sell their work directly to the public. Side by side, established artists and undiscovered talents make lasting connections with patrons and collectors. The annual indoor public Festival on Mother’s Day weekend at Meridian Community Centre in Pelham and the year-round Online Festival showcase works by over 80 artists collectively and present thousands of choices in a vibrant array of styles, mediums and messages. Pelham Art Festival is a not-for-profit corporation.

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