Artfare Essentials 2023 at Jumblies Theatre

Artfare Essentials 2023

Workshop: December 4 – 9, 2023
Jumblies Theatre, Toronto
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An immersive and playful orientation for artists working with community and others actively interested in community-engaged arts. This 5-day workshop introduces the principles and practices of arts that engage with and create community, through presentation, creative activity, discussion and take-home resources.

Topics include:

  • Project visioning and planning,
  • Partnerships (with arts and other sectors),
  • Research (arts and oral history-based),
  • Facilitation (making art with people),
  • Bridging diverse cultures, abilities and traditions,
  • Collaborative creative processes,
  • Navigating conflicts and challenges,
  • Evaluation, documentation, sustainability, legacy.

To apply, email to receive an application form.

Apply ASAP to reserve your spot. We will accept applications up until November 27, 2023 if we have space.

Jumblies Theatre at The Ground Floor
132 Fort York Blvd
Toronto, ON M5V 0E3
416 203-8428

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The Ground Floor at 132 Fort York Blvd is accessible. For more information, email

Photo credits: Áine Schryer-O’Gorman

Image descriptions:
1. At Artfare Essentials 2022, a person reaches to pick up pastels from a table covered in brown paper that has been turned into a vibrant colourful landscape with swirling oranges, reds, blues, and greens. People have written their thoughts overtop of the colours with darker shades.
2. Three people wearing masks enthusiastically act out a skit, using twine as a prop. The person on the left holds the twine and looks behind them to the person in the middle who is gathering up the twine. The person on the right reaches up high with the twine. There are colourful art-filled tables in the background.