art + reading Journal: Evolve series, pt. 2


Marion Wassenaar, Carbon Transit (Creative Flower Arranging, Margaret Carrick, 1955), carbonized book (July 11-17)

art + reading

evolve, issue 3, 2021

To publish is to make public, and with this new issue we are reimagining the potential for creative and interactive art making and publishing. Join us to view ‘evolve’ the new curated series on Instagram @artsletterspress, featuring material interventions, multi-platform conversations, process videos and reflections, time-based installations, walkabouts, sound projects, poetic experiments, hyperlinks, and other creative engagements.

Follow the unfolding issue from the beginning on INSTAGRAM @artsletterspress for new and archived projects.


Nicole Seisler, Transform (Softening, suddenly), clay experiment (July 3-10)

Focusing on adaptive material strategies and generative processes, we will feature a series of 20 weeklong artist projects from May to December 2021 utilizing Instagram as a creative platform. This will be followed by a new interactive digital publication. We envision the publication not as a catalogue, but rather as an extension of the curatorial project exploring a new format, processes, spin offs and the successes and failures. And for those like us that love the object we will also be publishing a printed book. As part of the continued conversation, we will be hosting numerous online live stream digital performances and or talks, open zoom panels, and online reading groups.

We have curated artists from across Canada, and have invited to participate, several artists and creative professionals from Ireland, the UK, the United States, New Zealand, and South Africa.

Artists include Mary Anne Barkhouse (ON), Millie Chen and Warren Quigley (ON), Maralynn Cherry (ON), Derek Coulombe (ON), Linda Duvall (SK), Stephen Hobbs (Ireland, South Africa), Doug Guildford (NS), Dyan Marie (BC), Lauren Nurse (ON), Nicole Seisler (US), Nicole Small (QC), Ruth Rosengarten (UK), Marion Wassenaar (New Zealand), Johanne Zits (ON).


Ruth Rosengarten, The One and the Many (Patna Circle), mixed media collage (June 5-13)

Arts + Letters Press, established in 2017 by artists Jenn Law and Penelope Stewart, is an independent, not-for-profit publishing platform. As a duo we sought to create this project as an artistic gesture that draws on our interests of ‘reading as a material practice’. The vision from the beginning was to create an International platform that would expand the field of publishing, fostering multi-format conversations, artistic projects, exhibitions, performances, and screenings linking the analogue with the virtual. Our first foray into building the foundation for this platform was to create the International serial publication art + reading. The journal aims at examining the relationship between reading and making with spin offs that animate conversations and art projects.


Dyan Marie, Walk Here (Red Rock Crab), poetry, stills and video, (May 24-29)

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