Art Metropole launches capital campaign to support its move to 896 College Street, Toronto


​​Art Metropole is thrilled to announce its new location at 896 College Street, opening December 2021. The 1400-sq-ft ground-level storefront location will be the new permanent home of Art Metropole, providing room for its archive and collection, staff offices, distribution facilities, exhibition space, and a retail shop.

To support this move and development of the new space, Art Metropole has announced an online fundraising campaign. The organization hopes to raise at least $25,000 to help transport its inventory of thousands of artists’ publications, editions, and multiples to their new home, and allow funds to build and install fixtures necessary for the space to operate. As thanks for donations to this campaign, Art Metropole is offering tiered rewards including three new fundraising editions by artists José Andrés Mora, Vanessa Maltese, and Luis Jacob.

Artist and architect Christian Kliegel, in collaboration with WORKSHOP, will design the new space to unfold in phases over the coming year. As a starting point for the project, Art Metropole’s existing furniture will be modified to supplement extensive new base building renovations that include added partitions, finishes, and lighting. The aim is to create a flexible space that responds to the conditions of the new location – a shopfront that served for many decades as a family-run appliance store. The first phase of the project will highlight the inventory and historical activities of Art Metropole while allowing for the needs and use of the space to unfold over time. This will ultimately inform the design of custom-built furniture elements in the final layout of the space.


Since ending its two-year residency at Museum of Contemporary Art Toronto amidst the COVID-19 pandemic, Art Metropole entered into a period of online and outdoor programming, producing numerous street level poster exhibitions, and outdoor pop-ups, online book launches, panel discussions, artist talks, and presentations at online book fairs worldwide. The organization will continue these online and offsite events, but looks forward to safely reincorporating indoor in-person components to its programs in a way that prioritizes greater reach and engagement. When it opens to the public this December, the new Art Metropole will be a Partially Accessible venue, featuring an entryway ramp and ground floor washroom facilities.


Art Metropole first opened its doors in October of 1974, operating as an artist-run collection and distribribution agency for artwork in published and multiple form. It was one of the first, and remains one of relatively few organizations dedicated to formats and practices predisposed to sharing and circulation.

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Images by Christian Kliegel