Art Installers Alliance (AiA) Website and Sector Survey Report 2024 Launch

Image Credit: Carmen Schroeder

Calling All Art Installers, Installation Technicians, Art Handlers, and Independent Contracted Arts Workers

Art Installers Alliance (AiA)

Visit the website to read the AiA sector survey report to learn how art installers are impacted by systemic barriers, and how precarious contracted gig work is projected to impact the arts sector. The report includes data and analysis on who gets hired, informal hiring practices, pay rates, workplace safety, worker testimonies, and more.

Access resources on safer work practices and information to self-advocate for better working conditions, and healthier work cultures. Learn to identify workplace harassment, and what the legal responsibilities of managers are including modelling safe behaviour, preventing, and addressing workplace cultures of harm. Safe work cultures include both psychological and physical safety.

The website is created for art installers, their employers, and contracted arts workers including artists and independent curators. Contracted workers may not always be aware of how they are unprotected by basic labour safety nets and employment standards. The webpages offer targeted information on links, processes, legislation policies and contacts on how independent contracted workers can inform, protect and empower themselves.

The survey was conducted in partnership with Cobalt Connects to collect data on the landscape of art installation labour conditions across Ontario and parts of Canada. Until now, Canadian data on art installation work and workers was not available to inform future policies and best practices. The project initiates the need for this support, with this first step.

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We acknowledge the support of the Canada Council of the Arts.

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About AiA

The Art Installers Alliance (AiA) is a community project organized by Hitoko Okada and Carmen Schroeder in collaboration with art installers and cultural workers across the Greater Toronto Hamilton Area (GTHA), to inform and empower art installers, and contracted workers to support safer work processes, and self-advocacy for fair, just and accountable workplace conditions and sector change.

Art Installers Alliance (AiA)

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