Art Gallery of Peterborough | 2020 Winter Exhibitions


Jack Bush + Francisco-Fernando Granados installation at the Robert McLaughlin Gallery 2019. Image by Ingrid Forster.

Art Gallery of Peterborough | Winter Exhibitions

Opening Reception: Saturday January 18, 2 pm
Artist Talk with Sasha Opeiko: Sunday January 19, 1 pm
Artist Talk with Francisco-Fernando Granados: Saturday March 7, 2 pm

Exhibitions on view through March 29, 2020

Jack Bush and Francisco-Fernando Granados

duet brings together work by Jack Bush and Francisco-Fernando Granados to both invoke the aesthetic legacies of modernist abstraction and to initiate a dialogue on contemporary understandings of this period and its visual strategies. By pairing paintings and prints from the mid-twentieth century with site-specific and digital works from a contemporary moment, the exhibition creates a conversation on abstraction that transcends space, time, and medium.

In duet, the discourse between past and the contemporary is understood as ongoing and reciprocal. The dialogue between Jack Bush and Francisco-Fernando Granados, though displaced by decades, reaches across history in an effort to touch that which seems untouchable, to reshape what seems set.

This exhibition was developed in partnership with the Robert McLaughlin Gallery and curated by Fynn Leitch and Leila Timmins.


Sasha Opeiko, 217 (Elephant’s Foot) series, 2015–2017, graphite on gessoed aluminum, 10 x 8”.

Sasha Opeiko

The exhibition 217 includes a series of graphite drawings and 3D printed objects based on images sourced from an article outlining the initial investigations of section 217 in the 4th block of the Chernobyl Nuclear Power Plant, which contains a large, highly radioactive mass of melted matter, formed following the nuclear meltdown in 1986 and referred to as the Elephant’s Foot.

With this project, the Elephant’s Foot is interpreted as an object that is necessarily distant and invisible, deriving information from the limits of what is visually accessible in these degraded and artefacted digital black and white images.


Matthew Hayes and Victoria Mohr-Blakeney, locked in a way, video still, single channel video, 2016, 7:10.

locked in a way
Matthew Hayes + Victoria Mohr-Blakeney

locked in a way is a collaboration between filmmaker Matthew Hayes and dance artist Victoria Mohr-Blakeney. This short film explores the confining and isolating landscape of grief. It features the last recorded conversation between Victoria and her mother Renate Mohr, as they speak about a creative collaboration that they are not able to finish before Renate’s death. locked in a way offers a brief, intimate space wherein a mother’s voice and a daughter’s body connect across time, space, and even death.

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