AROBA Black Mental Health Podcast Documentary Series

Launching March 7th, 2022: The AROBA Documentary Series, presented in association with Workman Arts, debuts on Black Mental Health Day.

WHEN: March 7th, 2022, Black Mental Health Day

Black Artists have and continue to play an essential role in building communities and producing hallmarks of cultural expressions in the face of anti-Black racism.

This year, AROBA in association with Workman Arts produces a limited podcast documentary series that explores Black Mental Wellness as it relates to addiction.

Last year AROBA, A Room of Black Artists, in collaboration with Workman Arts, produced a Black Mental Health Symposium and Action Event. The symposium promoted mental wellness within Black arts and the larger Black community with discussions around anxiety and depression experiences.

About the AROBA podcast documentary series:

This season features six episodes. Framed around the grim realities of addiction, the episodes are a contemplation on community, understanding, and the value of helping those who have become isolated as they struggle with trauma. Set and produced in Toronto, Canada, each episode builds on the cultures and attitudes that contribute to substance abuse differences in the Black community.

The podcast series features stories from people who work, volunteer, and live in the arena of harm reduction; among them are muralist Adrian Hayles, filmmaker Louis Taylor, harm reduction specialists Cassandra Smith and Colin Johnson. Harm reduction is an approach that tries to reduce the health and social harm associated with addiction and substance use.

Hosted and written by documentary filmmaker Lana Lovell.

African American poet Robert Hayden advocated, “We must not be frightened nor cajoled into accepting evil as deliverance from evil. We must go on struggling to be human, though monsters of abstraction police and threaten us.”

AROBA is distributed on Buzzsprout. The podcast can also be downloaded from Spotify and Apple Podcasts.

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