Are (Sommes Sonnes)

12 noon – 12 midnight (EST)
December 12, 2023

Organized by Christof Migone

Online: YouTube Livestream
Live: Cinéma Beaumont, Québec City (free) (venue is accessible)

Fourth in a series of 12 annual events taking place on December 12 from noon to midnight. Each year the event focuses on a word of the 12-word phrase ‘You And I Are Water Earth Fire Air Of Life And Death’ and activates it in myriad ways.

This year the focus is on plurals: multiplicities leading to infinities, polymorphs and polyglots, surrounded sounds, layers upon layers, etceteras upon etceteras. It started with ‘You’ in 2020, then ‘And’ came to connect you to anything and everything. Last year that point of connection was ‘I’. This year with ‘Are’ action enters the fray. What are you and I to do? What are we up to? Well, let’s begin with being, simply being; however contentious that might be, and however tenuous we may be.

Curated by Myriam Lambert, Christof Migone, and Alexandre St-Onge

ARE: HOUR 1 (12h)

‘One’ (1) by Tanya Mars
‘One’ (2) by Ronnie Clarke
‘One’ (3) by Olga Prokhorova
‘One’ (4) by Liina Kuittinen

‘One’ is part of a series that runs alongside the main series of 12 events over 12 years. It functions with its own 12-word sentence: ‘Different From The One Place Time Mood Mindset You Are In Now’. For this year’s ‘One’, 12 artists produced performative portraits that eschew the frontal in favour of the partial, the barely there, the fleeting, the merely-passing-by, the a-bit-askew.

ARE: HOUR 2 (13h)
Crónica PRESENTS Miguel Carvalhais, Rodrigo Carvalho, Patrícia Viana de Almeida, and Pedro Tudela


Pedro Tudela and Miguel Carvalhais have collaborated as @c since 2000. They publish and perform extensively, and work on sound installations. They often collaborate with others in a practice favoring radical experimentation. Here they are accompanied by Rodrigo Carvalho on lighting design, programming and performance, and Patrícia Viana de Almeida on video and cinematography.

ARE: HOUR 3 (14h)

Threads of an Unwritten Future

Performing at NAISA in person and in a space designed by the artist in Second Life, Kelly uses her weaving loom as a sound instrument. Using contact microphones and effects pedals she creates music that evokes histories past and future.

ARE: HOUR 4 (15h)
Resonance Extra PRESENTS Agnès Pe and Milo Thesiger-Meacham

Joint Venture by Milo Thesiger-Meacham

A tale of discovery told from the combined perspectives of multiple joints on the human body.

Are we human or are we dancers by Agnès Pe

It’s the cloud. It’s the preferences. They are your predictions. They come from search terms. It’s a kind of seer. Surfing the Web requires an intensive multitasking. In flooding our memory with information, the juggling imposes what neurologists call ‘switching costs’ on our cognition. And yet we keep inviting the internet to interrupt us.

ARE: HOUR 5 (16h)
Rhizome PRESENTS Maud Joiret (with Catherine Bélanger and Alexandre Berthier)

ARE: HOUR 6 (17h)
Spira and Antitube PRESENT David. B. Ricard

Nous sommes sommes aléatoires

A performance based on the principle of chance. Chance dictates the progression of each sequence. The artist doesn’t directly control the displayed images, but adapts his actions based on the randomly generated selections. The synthesis produced by the performance stands as a kind of collective work, offering an experience that celebrates randomness and spontaneity.

+ At 17:45, ‘One’ (5) by Nadège Grebmeier Forget.

ARE: HOUR 7 (18h)
Université Laval PRESENTS Alexandre St-Onge

Confessions Augmentées

A performative talk featuring a series of modular and performative sound rituals presented in an installation.

+ At 18:45, ‘One’ (6) by Adriana Disman.

ARE: HOUR 8 (19h)
Rad’Art PRESENTS Myriam Lambert


What forges Being, in the singular and plural? A mass of encounters between people, situations, places, contexts, things, images, sounds… magnetic contacts between ourselves and everything else. In this performance, I play with this point of contact, this fine line that makes us, that connects us.

ARE: HOUR 9 (20h)
Université Laval PRESENTS Lé, Max St-Pierre, and Juan David Molina Velasco

Agence Augmentée

Agence Augmentée is a research-creation project that focuses on how artistic knowledge emerges by putting into action artistic methods that explore different forms of agency. This notion is defined as an entity’s capacity to act and transform or affect both beings and things in the world.

+ At 20:45, ‘One’ (7) by Alice De Visscher & Evamaria Schaller.

ARE: HOUR 10 (21h)
Avatar PRESENTS Diane Landry


Two half-moons become extensions of the performer’s body.

+ At 21:45, ‘One’ (8) by Alice De Visscher & Evamaria Schaller.

ARE: HOUR 11 (22h)
Avatar PRESENTS Christof Migone

Oreiller (Pillow Talk) (2023)
Part 1. Studies in the convergence between ears and pillows. Participants: Marguerite Arbour, Lé Boucher Trudel, and Stéphanie Letarte. Text: Lisa Robertson.

Poker (2001)
Two hands holding a variety of microphones scrape, scratch, pinch, and poke poker-faced faces. Participants: Katie Bethune-Leamen, crys cole, Michel F. Côté, Anni Lawrence, André Éric Létourneau, Jonathan Parant, Leila Pourtavaf, Sam Shalabi, Marie-Douce St-Jacques, Alexandre St-Onge, and Roger Tellier-Craig.

Éternuité (ForeverSneeze) (2008)
The sneeze as an attempt to become eternal. Participants: Sally Baydala, Erica Brisson, Eryn Foster, Stephanie Khoury, Angus Leech, Wm Leler, Demian Petryshyn, Naomi Potter, Don Pyle, Duncan Speakman, Barbara Sutherland, Pandora Syperek, and Janice Wu.

Pillow Talk (Oreiller) (2023)
Part 2. How do ears rest? What do the ears of minerals, microbes, viruses, vegetables, planets, stars, and surfaces look like? Can animal listening open us up onto new abstractions?

ARE: HOUR 12 (23h)
FADO PRESENTS ‘One’ (9-12)

‘One’ (9) by Amélie Laurence Fortin
‘One’ (10) by Georges Azzaria
‘One’ (11) by Jocelyn Robert
‘One’ (12) by Caroline Gagné

+ 30 SECONDS FOR 30 YEARS: To celebrate Avatar’s 30th anniversary, at the top of all but one of the hours there will be 30 second interventions by: Magali Babin (Hour 1), Émile Morin (2), Pierre-André Arcand (3), Philip Gagnon (4), Carole Siciak (6), Guillaume Côté & Félix Tremblay (7), Renée Gagnon & Mylène Lauzon (8), Gilles Arteau (9), Nathalie LeBlanc (10), Chantal Dumas (11), Mériol Lehmann (12 – Intro), Laetitia Sonami (12 – Extro).

Full programme: You And I Are Water Earth Fire Air Of Life And Death.