Archives of Space: A Crowd-Sourced Mapping Project


Launch: May 18th, 2021

Archives of Space is a thoughtful mapping project that emphasizes the relationality between space, memories, and archives. The project juxtaposes a recorded history of Toronto with present-day voices that provide substantive and diverse critiques about the state of neighborhoods, public spaces, social life, archiving practices, and more. Focused on expanding narratives and difficult truths through the crowd-sourced model, Archives of Space aims to build a collective memory of Toronto. This counter-map/counter-archive is a supporting tool for understanding the colonial roots of this city, the ongoing and past conflicts that shape its present, and the vibrant communities that exist within its fabric.

Archives of Space is a work-in-progress. Moving forward, the platform will rely on individual submissions (including opinion pieces, additions or corrections to existing text, and individual memories), as well as external partnerships to elevate its content. In recognizing the limitations of traditional archiving practices as historically exclusionary to certain narratives, Archives of Space has also built a substantial resource page, linking out to various community projects, organizations, and educational tools.

Thank you to participating writers and artists, Eija Loponen-Stephenson, Nikola Miloradovic, Nadine Valcin, Rebecca Casalino, Dorrie Mack and Priya Chahal, for sharing their words, experience, and thoughts about this city.

This is a labour of love.


*Archives of Space was conceived and built by artist and emerging curator Kalina Nedelcheva.
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