ARCANA: A Tattoo Tarot Show

Sam Roe, Knight of Cups, 11×19”, Gouache on board

ARCANA – A Tattoo Tarot Show

April 5 – 28, 2024
Opening Night: Friday, April 5, 7–10 pm
Paul Elia Gallery, Hamilton

Evolving from a 15th century card game, The Tarot has become an iconic esoteric instrument. 18th Century French occultists assigned meaning to each card with a distinct symbolism, still used today for amusement and divination.

The Paul Elia Gallery (Hamilton, Ontario) presents an exhibition of contemporary Tarot interpretations by a selection of invited Canadian tattoo artists! With varied and elaborate interpretations, 38 of Ontario’s finest tattooers will produce artworks representing all 22 major arcana and the 4 court cards of each suit (16 minor cards) for a total of 38 original pieces.

Come join us on Friday, April 5, 7–10 pm at the Paul Elia Gallery where there will be food catered by Power Pizza, live Tarot readings and so much more!

Artist Line-Up

Allie Charbonneau, Rob Vino, Bryce Huffman, Caroline Tattersall, Jordan Campbell, Chris Macdonald, Christopher Hall, David Glantz, Deanna Love, Elise Shannon, Anthony Jenkins, Inez Nebula, Jared Kuurila, Jen Stewart, Sam Tyson, Khadijah Cassidy, Christina Mazzulla, Mike Beddome, Steven James, Misty Lynn Minor, Monika Darling, Aaron Hill, Olivia Chessman, Matthew Ellis, Rob Wilson, Robyn Jade Lee, Sam Roe, Scott James, Shantelle MacDonald, Taylor Downs, Kevin Urie, Tom Penny, Tyler Loube, Bailey Moffatt, Sophia Bacho, Jude Wilfort, Darryl Hart, Jason Brownless

Jennifer Stewart, The Hanged Man, 11×19”, Mixed Media on paper

The Paul Elia Gallery is a hub of creativity that proudly supports local artists – the creative and cultural heartbeat of our communities! I want the gallery to feel casual and approachable, inviting the community to come in and look at the art that our local talent is making. Featuring a mixture of mediums including painting, sculpture, ceramics, glass, collage, jewellery, tableware, etc.

Sometimes art galleries can feel a little formal and intimidating. The Paul Elia Gallery seeks to break down that wall. We are always open to the public and free of charge.

Paul Elia Gallery
1167 Cannon Street East
Hamilton, ON L8L 2J9