Annette Mangaard and Bay Weyman: Under Pressure


UNDER PRESSURE by Annette Mangaard and Bay Weyman

An outdoor projection for NUIT BLANCHE Toronto 2019

Saturday, October 5, 7pm – Sunday, October 6, 7am
Lisgar Park (Queen St West at Abell St.)

UNDER PRESSURE explores Toronto’s rapid urban evolution, intensification, de-industrialization, destruction of heritage buildings and streetscapes, and associated environmental factors. Mimicking the cycles of life: birth, growth, death and re-growth, the video installation presents archival imagery of the city being slowly flooded by turbulent seawaters, grown over by lush green plant life and eventually eradicated by the imagery of the natural world, until with the receding of the forests and oceans, the industrial urban imagery is returned to it’s previous state.

Working with rare 16mm filmed archival footage (circa 1986) of the Liberty Village area industrial lands, the Railway Lands, and downtown Toronto, the content of the installation may evoke memories of the heritage and history of the area, and a sense of concern for what the future might hold for the fate of our city and the natural world.


Nuit Blanche, a free, annual, city-wide celebration of contemporary art is produced by the City of Toronto. Special thanks to the Toronto Arts Council: Animating Toronto Streets.



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Annette Mangaard

Bay Weyman