Ann Piché: beyond visible

fracture, digital photographic print, © Ann Piché

Ann Piché: beyond visible

January 6 – January 31, 2024
Opening Reception: Sunday, January 14, 1pm – 3pm
Artist Walkthrough: Sunday, January 14, 2pm
Cedar Ridge Creative Centre Gallery, Toronto

Cedar Ridge Creative Centre Gallery presents beyond visible, a solo exhibition by Canadian artist Ann Piché. Please join us for the opening reception on Sunday, January 14 at 1 pm. The artist will be in attendance. Parking and admission are free.

Artist Statement

beyond visible is a series of digital photographic images that conceptualizes the physics of string theory and its notion of the multiverse. Inspired by the James Webb Space Telescope’s quest to understand the origins of the universe, the work serves as a visual gateway into the unknown.

Ann stages her images in the studio, transforming everyday objects into imaginary worlds. Created in-camera using experimental techniques, she leverages light and motion to achieve the photographic abstractions found in her work. These abstractions acknowledge and underscore the anxiety we can feel when encountering the less familiar.

beyond visible is a dialogue about us, opening conversations about our inherent desire to push boundaries, explore and define ourselves. The narrative transitions from a journey into a challenging scientific concept to an exploration of our role in the world, on an individual and universal scale.

foldspace, digital photographic print, © Ann Piché

Artist Biography

Ann Piché is a photo-based artist in Ottawa, Canada. Working in STEM since the 1990’s, she is the first female civilian member to work in the RCMP as an electronic technician. Experiencing the disconnect that can exist between science and the arts, she constructs visual links to build the connections between the two disciplines, providing accessible entry points into the unfamiliar.

Created in-camera, Ann’s images are staged using real and constructed landscapes with custom built sets. Exploring photographic abstraction and experimental camera techniques, she works with digital and analog photography.

A graduate of the School of the Photographic Arts: Ottawa (SPAO); she is a recipient of the City of Ottawa’s 2023 Creation and Production Fund. Her work is part of the 2023 Toronto Art Fair curated collections. Published in North American magazines including SHOTS and PhotoLife, Ann’s images have been juried into group shows in Canada, the United States and Scotland. Her work is held in private collections across Canada and the United States.

Ann can be reached at:
Ann Piché Photographs
Instagram @apichephoto

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